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Posted by NexusOn


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Posted by Zelyre

Can't wait! No more hack job ESMs

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Posted by Cyrisaurus

TF2 items incoming

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Posted by Fallen189

Fuck Nick

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Edited by ADarkMatter

wow, this looks very powerfull, i can't wait to see what people can do with this!

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Posted by Marz

seems pretty well thought out. I might get back into modding, have a few ideas i can try to implement into the game.

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Posted by Level1Slime

Oh man, as someone who once spent an uncountable amount of days tediously adding mods to Oblivion, Morrowind, an Fallout 3 to the point that I almost didn't even want to play them anymore because I was spending more time with mod managers than playing the game, this is goddamn fantastic.

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Posted by Bwast

This is so awesome.

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Posted by ballsnbayonets

def picking this up for the PC as soon as its onsale. xbox just so sloooow waitin on official dlc

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Posted by Stete

Awesome, if I dont have to go to Skyrim nexus to get mods that would be pretty sweet!

Also, I want that mudcrab armor!

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Posted by Encephalon


Crazy shit incoming.

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Posted by Olivaw

@Fallen189 said:

Fuck Nick

Congratulations Nick

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Posted by Rirse

The Real Skyrim Starts Here

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Posted by Treygdor

@Fallen189 said:

Fuck Nick

What he said.

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Posted by Veektarius

I've never done much modding, but I wonder how hard it would be to change the marriage mechanic so that you can sell all your items to your wife for nothing and then she'll give you their worth back a week later, rather than the arbitrary set amount for each day. Because I think that's a great idea and want to do it if no one else will.

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Posted by mlarrabee

Hey, just keep your PC-only jealousy-causing content to yourself...

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Posted by alibson

Now I can get those clean faces straight from Steam

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Edited by bistromath

I like how in an official trailer there's a couple seconds of the Macho Man Dragon mod.

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Posted by Hoffafiles

Insanity will ensue

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Posted by innacces14

@Bistromath said:

I like how in an official trailer there's a couple seconds of the Macho Man Dragon mod.

Pretty much the first thought that came to mind since I don't know how to mod. Still looks pretty awesome though and looking forward to hilarious YouTube vids of this.

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Posted by Miustachee

Is there any word to when the kit will be available?

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Posted by MrKlorox

Wow... Fallout has really permeated everything Elder Scrolls. What's wrong with calling it the Construction Set, instead of shoehorning in a plot device from Fallout 2. It made sense for the Fallout mod tools to be called the GECK, but meh.

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Posted by mbr2

Congrats Nick Fuck Nick

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Posted by Kiri90

Man, I wish I had Skyrim on the PC. I have it for the 360 because I only just built my PC this past month.

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Posted by DJJoeJoe

@MrKlorox said:

Wow... Fallout has really permeated everything Elder Scrolls. What's wrong with calling it the Construction Set, instead of shoehorning in a plot device from Fallout 2. It made sense for the Fallout mod tools to be called the GECK, but meh.

It's called the 'Creation Kit', the guy in the video mentions the GECK because that was the last tool they created and he was comparing it to this one. Go find something else to whine about on the internet, or actually try and feel good about something and write about that.

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Posted by m16mojo2

So, there was an age check because?.......

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Posted by Talis12

@Miustachee: i think one of the devs said on twitter they were aiming for a january release alongside with a game update.. since january has past that wont happen, but it is soon for sure.. maybe this month or in early march

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Posted by cikame

Steam is so fucking cool.

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Posted by Saethir

Damn you work/night classes! I just want to be god of skyrim.

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Posted by Brnorris

I want Jake Rodkin's puffin mod sooooo bad...

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Posted by Largo6661

@Zelyre: oh tell me about it brother!

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Posted by ModernAlkemie

But will Steam Workshop allow me to sort the mods by how big they make the bootys?

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Edited by I_smell

Hey guys, I'm Nick "Fuck Nick" Breckon.

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Posted by thornie_delete

This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen. This game has now become literally endless.

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Posted by Pozo

I love that they worked an Idle Thumbs reference in this video. Jake's Enhanced Puffins sounds amazing. I just hope they don't have backwards flying Puffins, that would be too enhanced.

Thanks Nick, fuck Nick.

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Posted by Alphazero

Yowza. That's some powerful kit right there. Good job, Bethesda.

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Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks amazing!!

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Posted by Jayzilla

Get to work modders! I have been waiting for this to come out. I am giving you guys six months to come up with amazing things. I am not playing a second of that game til there are tons of mods for me to mess around with.

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Posted by TehJedicake

and people say PC isn't fuckin awesome..

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Edited by PimblyCharles

Finally being past the really bumpy road that was the PC release of Skyrim, I can think of no better game to illustrate how amazing the PC is as a gaming platform. This creation kit and the amazing (finally) 1.4 patch that fixes performance makes me so happy. If this doesn't make console gamers jealous, I don't know what will. Viva la PC

I feel bad for the guys over at Skyrim Nexus. I hope the Steam Workshop doesn't overshadow all their hard work and amazing site.

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Posted by ProppaT

This is seriously why I just built a new PC. Destroyed the game on the Xbox, now I gotta try my hand at modding and this scripting language. This looks seriously awesome!

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Posted by AtomicTonic

I hope "soon" is this weekend, and I hope that this is a big enough deal that Skyrim goes on sale on Steam. Having mods that are a one-click affair is a dream for me.

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Posted by AhmadMetallic

The metalocalypse has begun

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Posted by ABK_92

Awaiting the big-breasted Argonians mod.

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Posted by pavakah

This looks like a nice, streamlined process. Assuming that wiki is detailed enough, I might try a mod.

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Posted by Sergotron


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Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

you make it sound so easy...

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Posted by katsu044

As a person that would never use this I can't wait to see what Modders have made in with this in the coming months.

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Posted by cavemantom


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Posted by Scratch

I am so glad the comments to this video make references to Idle Thumbs in some form or another. Man I wish they would just start another revamped podcast already, now that Remo is back in town.

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