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Posted by fred2265

It is nice to come across an investor with this kind of enthusiasm for a project. Well done, Steve.

Posted by BisonHero

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Okay, okay, I get it, you guys like Double Fine. Jeez. If you like them so much why don't you marry them?

Jesus Christ, grow up. This isn't about Double Fine as much as it is about the guy giving them funding. If you'd read the article, you'd know that.

Oh really...

"Double Fine Making Crazy Business Deals Isn't New"

Yeah, you're right, it's not about Double Fine at all. I bet if they wrote an article about a bird that flew by Double Fine's offices, you'd say it was about the bird. Pffft. Piss off.

Yeah, I usually absorb my information by simply reading a headline too. Who needs the rest of the article, am I right?

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with Double Fine,” he said in an email last night.

Uh-huh. Keep posting.

I hope one day you realize how childish you sound.

Posted by AlphaView

Not really surprised.

Posted by djenson

When I first saw this post I thought the screenshot was from Oddworld. Anways, LOVE Doubel Fine games!

Posted by kn00tcn

so where's stacking for pc??

Edited by Keyboardwarrior

If it isn't new then why devote a whole news article to the subject?