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Posted by Mago

I decided to start writing a blog on what's going on in my video game life to just keep me writing because I want to get better at writing. I need to make a better title for this, something more original. I'll get to that when I get to that. I've never been good at naming things anyway. Anywho, I kind of just decided to start to do this today, so the format is kind of randomly assembled. I picked a good week to start writing because it was actually eventful. At least, as eventful as a dude playing video games can get.

The Usual

I'm always playing Rock Band 3, Dance Central 2, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. On Rock Band, I always play a little bit of everything, but deep down I love the drums and if I allowed myself I could just play that and be happy. The Harmonix games aren't really much to talk about, so I'll just say I played them and that was fun. I finally broke the 7th Lord barrier on UMvC3 which felt like it took forever to get to and I got there with a pretty impressive 6 win-streak.

New Releases


This Tuesday marked the release of a whole slew of video games. I ended up buying Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Resident Evil: Revelations. Hopefully, I'll catch The Darkness II later on in the year, I hear good things about it, but I've only got so much money and time. I've played somewhere around 15 hours of Reckoning and I'm enjoying it. Feels like a strange mix of Fable and The Elder Scrolls. Good side-quests so far and the world is intriguing. The combat is really something, it takes the ideas from Fable which assigns your buttons to different types of attacks, but it adds a depth the combat that I always felt was lacking from the Lionhead Studios' games. The quests are varied enough that my interest hasn't feigned. With luck, that'll keep up and I'll keep playing. I just really, really hope I can manage to finish it before Mass Effect 3 comes out because everything will put on hold that day.

For Resident Evil I bought the stupid ass Circle Pad Pro attachment, which I think is worth it. I like being able to shoot and move like in RE5 much more than standing still and shooting, but maybe that's just me. This thing is huge though. It feels like I'm playing a Game Gear, but that's part of the reason I like it. More ergonomic and whatnot. Makes it harder to put in a pocket, though. With how I play my 3DS, which is on breaks on work (where I have a locker that I can store it while working), the size isn't an issue with me.

This is where RE made me jump. I hope I gave someone a cheap laugh.

The game itself is pretty much what I expected so far. Resident Evil hasn't seen a whole lot of innovation since RE4, but the game is still entertaining regardless. I don't know how I feel about the weapon upgrade system at the moment. It's neat, but I really like miss being able to max out my guns' stats like in the previous iterations. I've only played the first two chapters so far, but it doesn't really seem like I can do that with this system. There's also the Genesis device thing, which let's you scan a room in first person and look for hidden items, hand prints (which I have no idea what they do, probably a collectible), and scan the corpses of enemies to fill up a meter that gives you herbs when it gets full. It's an alright mechanic I suppose, but it makes me compulsively search every room for any items I might find. Luckily, it doesn't seem like how long I take on a mission factors into my score. Surprisingly, I've been able to really immerse myself in the atmosphere of Revelations with all the hustle and bustle of a retail store around me. I suppose headphones help me focus on being scared by zombies. At one point I actually jumped as customers were entering and exiting the store because some shambling motherfucker came out of nowhere and my partner didn't have the decency to tell me. I didn't have time to be embarrassed though as I had to avoid dying. I look forward to this game distracting me from work for the next month or so.


Love this sleeve so hard.

I subscribed to Game Informer recently and got my first issue. I was so ecstatic to see XCOM on the front because I really wanted to read that article. Made me stoked to get my hands on it, the game that is. Looking forward to a game with so many tactical choices. Too bad, it doesn't even have a release date yet. How about Double Fine's kickstarter? I've been a fan of Tim Schafer since Psychonauts, which is probably late to the party according to some people, and I dig point and click adventure games, so I didn't hesitate throwing Double Fine some money despite the fact that by the time I caught wind of it they had already doubled their goal. My last thing to talk about is this sweet ass 3DS card case I got from Club Nintendo. I don't really have many games to put in it since my 3DS is my first DS, but I figured it would be a good investment for later.

That's all I can really think to mention this week. I feel pretty good about it since this was kind of off the cuff. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please post them. Hopefully, I'll actually continue doing this next week.