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Posted by Xel

I've never heard of this game before - now I absolutely need it!

That wrestling game is soo cute!

Posted by sushisteve

Vinny does a really good 'upset Tom Hanks' impression during the monkey golf dramatic reading.

Posted by Junpei

I feel old for getting Jeff's Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine reference...

Posted by OllyOxenFree
@MrKlorox said:
Bad art style and bad music. Not that I'm normally into rhythm games, but you guys just made sure I never play anything named Rhythm Heaven ever.
How does it feel to not have a soul?
Posted by phantomsnake

Looks fantastic, just like the previous Rhythm Heaven games. I think I'll have to get this!

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Oh man that was awesome! And the wrestler even says: "ええ" in the samurai remix!

Posted by Lazyaza

I prefer the japanese version of the wrestler one, mostly because theirs a million different edited versions of it on youtube.

Posted by RedFive

Game of the Year 2012. Not joking.

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Just got the DS Rhythm Heaven because of this QL, it was only £4...  god bless amazon. 

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I do not own a Wii and it is only February. But I can confidently say that if Rhythm Heaven Fever is not up for Game of the Year, heads will roll at the Giant Bomb office.

Posted by FinalBoss

Fuck Yes! I need this game.

Posted by Wikitoups

@mikey87144 said:

I'm going to say this right now. TNT: Rhythm Heaven.

No... Endurance Run!

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

Vinny went full retard in the role of monkey .... and i liked it

Posted by Dooleh

I don't have a wii that is connected to my TV , Jeff. But i do have a wii emulator that's connected to my monitor :]

Posted by Knite

Really enjoyed this one.

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Top 10 games of 2012 right here.

@1337W422102 said:

>collection of button-pressing rhythm minigames get recent release

>Xenoblade Chronicle doesn't

Damn it, NOA

Xenoblade is nice and all, but we need The Last Story too, that game looks amazing (better).

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Let the rhythm hit 'em

Posted by End_Boss


Posted by AxleBro

i dislike the interviewers voice in english, just because the Japanese one was sooooo good. and you can feel how in english its trying really hard to use english words to stay in beat with what it said in Japanese.

Posted by Flappy

If I had a wii, I'd buy the living poo poo outta this game. I love Rhythm Heaven for the DS.

Wubba dubba dubba, is that true?

Posted by JJOR64


Posted by AngelN7

Just as the DS game this one looks (and sounds) awesome this one just needs Young Love Rock'n Roll to be perfect and Vinny's Gilbert Gottfried monkey was the icing on the cake.

Posted by Phatmac

This is the best video game of all time.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I want a Wii now, just so I have a dedicated Rhythm Heaven Fever machine.

Posted by BanzaiBandito

Games like these are why Nintendo has to exist.

Posted by TheMathlete

I'll probably pick this up next week.

Posted by TobyD81

Wubba dubba dub izzat true?


Woah! You go, Big Guy!


Posted by OleMarthin
Posted by jellotek

This almost sold me on a Wii. When it hits about $100, this will probably be one of the first games I'm going to get <_<

Posted by Gnome

want want want want

Posted by beard_of_zeus
@Ronald said:

I really wish Jeff would have went for that perfect.

That would have been craaazy. I just barely finished Monkey Watch (couldn't figure out the rhythm for some reason), I can't imagine trying to get a perfect.
Man, that Ringside game is literally the best. I can't wait to get to that one. And I looooved the Giantbomb Players presentation of "Golf Lessons". Vinny and Patrick had me laughing so fucking hard.
Posted by CosmicQueso

This will be the last game I buy for the Wii. And it will be good.

Posted by Chtasm

diki diki diki deska?

Posted by Masha2932

Wow, the accents during the reading were really funny. Great game can't wait to pick it up.

Posted by Apollo87

Well color me jealous.

Posted by ageofquarrel

Anti-Italian Robots, I'm ok with that, as long as they take out the guidos first.

Posted by Phoenix87

Game of the year

Posted by Eaxis

This made me happy. Great music and style. Is it possible to buy the music somewhere?

Posted by Milkman


Posted by xite

The Japanese version of the wrestler is slightly more catchy

Posted by Landon

@jellotek said:

This almost sold me on a Wii. When it hits about $100, this will probably be one of the first games I'm going to get <_<

Where do you live? The Wii in the US is already being sold for $99.99

Posted by kurtbro900

Damn, jeff is so much better at this game than me.

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This is made by the same guys behind Smooth Moves which Jeff gave a superb score (9.1) back in the days and he seems to really like this game too. 5/5?

Posted by Sanj

Man, that samurai one was friggin' epic.

Posted by ESREVER

I got this game for my sis for her bday this weekend. I might have to commandeer it...

Posted by kozmo7


Posted by ElCapitan

The play was awesome.

Wrestling GOTY 2012. Called it right here.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I imported the Jap version before I knew a US version was coming. The text doesn't display on my soft modded Wii so I'd be interfered in an English version, but I live in Europe so I'll hold out for a release here.

Posted by verysexypotato

Whenever someone asks me what art is...

Posted by ezdude

Amazing game; amazing quick-look!