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Posted by mrfluke
@Landon said:

@jellotek said:

This almost sold me on a Wii. When it hits about $100, this will probably be one of the first games I'm going to get <_<

Where do you live? The Wii in the US is already being sold for $99.99

Posted by drumpsycho89

have they not done a QL on this before??? this seems familiar?

Posted by Cazamalos

Jeff is really good at this, i mean REALLY good

Edited by ashogo

This game is a drug.

Posted by Zithe

@drumpsycho89: They played it on the Happy Hour last week.

Posted by kollay

I nabbed this game after this QL and caught up with Jeff.

This game is SO HARD to put down.

Posted by mrcraggle

Still no firm release for Europe announced :(

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this game is fucking incredible... wubabubabuba that true? YEAH!

Posted by gbrading

Can someone create a list of every Quick Look Patrick says "What is video game?" It's quickly becoming his catch-phrase.

This game looks amazing. AMAZING.

Posted by RetroVirus

I can't stop laughing!

Posted by blueinferno

This game...I want it.

Posted by Pullarius_Capax

the appeal of these types of games completely escapes me. Rythmicly tapping a button with tight timing sounds like the exact opposite of fun for me.

Posted by LiquidSwords

@Pullarius_Capax said:

the appeal of these types of games completely escapes me. Rythmicly tapping a button with tight timing sounds like the exact opposite of fun for me.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Wabadadabad that true?

Posted by Shtinky

Vinny and Patrick's reading = wahjah.

Posted by supercubedude

Pose for the fans!

Posted by Jayesslee

This looks so fun!

Posted by Catlicker

This is the last game I'm gonna get for my Wii.

Posted by vinsanityv22

"Protecting the world from things I don't agree with....like Italians"

ROFL. This Quick Look is worth it just for that line! Fucking hilarious, Vinny! XD

Posted by Laini

Wow, this looks great. I actually wish I had a Wii now.

Posted by fjor

must have!!!

Posted by thejke

I ordered the game right after I watched this quick look.

Posted by Thompson820

This game is the only game that's ever made me want a Wii. So good.

Posted by Max_Cherry

Australian Patrick is the cure for the regular overbearing Patrick.

Posted by Dylabaloo

That play mid quick look was gold.

Posted by CJduke

This game looks amazing. oh yeah, lets go

Posted by HerbieBug

oh man i wanna play this but i don't wanna buy a wii. :/

Posted by Hailinel


Posted by Skanker
@SlickWillyJJ: He wasn't doing an Australian accent.
Posted by icemk

love this series....hope they release in PAL region soon...

Posted by Dany

This is the best quick look this week. So great, the music is just awesome. I want a wii.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

This would be a perfect game for iOS.

Posted by MattClassic

It would be pretty funny every once in a while a mini-game would have some dark, depressing ending even if you scored a perfect. "And then the robots killed everybody. GOOD JOB, MURDERER."

Posted by dagas

@Jeffk38uk said:

Wabadadabad that true?

I can only imagine how it must have been to voice act that. "Did I get that wabadadaba right? Another take? Alright." Alse she must have thought "What the hell am I doing?" while voice acting that =P

Posted by mewarmo990

Pre-ordered this game! It is LOVELY.

Great excuse to start up the Wii for something besides a party.

Posted by punpun

I love that the ninja wrestler dude in that last remix had his katana taped to his bare back.

I envy all of you who have a functioning Wii. Mine broke just a few months ago unfortunately. Wasn't too bummed about it then, but after seeing this...

Posted by Chucklestyle

This game is fantastic. And you guys are way better at it than I am, or maybe I just need to play it more. Either way, super awesome and I recommend YES.

Posted by Landon

I keep watching that wrestling interview over and over again....

Posted by peritus

Loved the "play" :P

Posted by BisonHero

@Skanker said:

@SlickWillyJJ: He wasn't doing an Australian accent.

His accent was so all over the place that I'm sure for at least a second or two it was Australian.

Posted by rjayb89

Totes just bought this game on Amazon.

Posted by Andy_117

Okay, Monkey's voice reminds me of Book of Mormon a little too much...


Posted by BigStupidFace

Patrick went..

British English


South African

Australian (maybe New Zealand?)

and back to British.

And for that reason... I'm out.

Posted by hollitz

Wubba Dubba Dubba is that true?

Posted by flawless988

I dunno if there is gonna be an I love Mondays next week. If there is, I hope the wrestler makes it.

Posted by PenguinDust

"Rubba-dubba-dubba! That's true, whoa you go big guy."

Damned that's catchy.

Posted by dropabombonit

This game seems awesome, strange that I can't find it on amazon in the UK

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

This is tempting me to buy a Wii, but I just want this to be on iOS or a handheld again.

Posted by TheVeteran13

@Shady said:

Interesting video. I hope Giant Bomb fires Patrick soon.

What an asshole thing to say

Posted by needforswede

Oh my God, some like 4 year old kid at Gamestop was playing this game and couldn't figure out the monkey golf part at all and randomly asked for my help. I quickly realized this was a rhythm game, and that I had played the DS version pretty much all the way through, but I couldn't explain or even demonstrate the correct rhythm because we couldn't hear the sound over all the other annoying customers, we never even got past the practice part, I only hit that damn ball like once. Then the kid's sister started asking me to show her how to play Uncharted 3 which was harder to explain even though I'd beaten the game (I thought little kids learned games more quickly than anyone else? Maybe I'm just a shitty teacher), I must have looked like a total pedophile, although I was just waiting for my dumbass friend to meet me there so I could leave.