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Posted by ESREVER

@Forcen: Yea, I tried both 360 controller and keyboard. And I tried fiddling with the lag calibration, but it made things feel worse. Probably cause I was semi-use to the default setting.

Posted by Forcen

@ESREVER: I have had that happen once or twice to, no big issues though. Are you playing with a 360 controller?

Maybe we should try the lag calibration thing in the options.

Posted by ESREVER

I don't like how it controls. Something about it feels "off." Like, off as in I feel like I am perfectly on beat, but its counting it wrong anyway. It makes it a lot more difficult than it should be.

Posted by Forcen

If you enjoy Rhythm games and light RPG's then you should buy Sequence on Steam because it is damn good.

It's a light RPG with rhythm game combat that works sort of like DDR or Boom Boom Rocket. It has some real funny dialog and some decent beats to fight your enemies with.

Its normally 5$/4€ and that's a steal but now its half off so you can't say no: http://store.steampowered.com/app/200910

Here is a good informative video of the game by Totalbiscuit if you wanna see how it plays: