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Posted by kristian_egs


Posted by Nasharoo

I've watched this trailer so many bloody times since it came out. I'm buzzing for this.

Posted by Klaimore

Oh man I can't stop watching this trailer its so amazing! I can't wait!

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Posted by artofwar420

yes yes yes yes yes

Posted by Sharpless

That trailer was beautiful and kind of awesome. I'm not even a die-hard Borderlands fan. (I liked BL1, but once I finished it, I didn't feel too compelled to go back to it. Admittedly, though, I didn't have a lot of friends to play it with.) A little dubstep goes a long way.

Posted by psoplayer

@Bourbon_Warrior: When that beat unexpectedly dropped I squealed with such delight that I woke my roommate from the opposite end of our three bedroom house. Thank you, sir.

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Posted by DJGhostmare

Involving John Adams' "Harmonielehre" in a dubstep track sounds like a terrible idea on paper, but in practice... it definitely sounds like a bad idea.

Everything else in this trailer seems rad.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Fucking A, I'm ready!

Posted by Kazona

I never even finished the first game. Unless the single player campaign is significantly better than the first game, I don't think this game is for me.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Thats not dubstep this is dubstep.

Posted by Xtrminatr

It's a shame that there's not going to be any dubstep in the game :(

Posted by Will_M

"C'mon, catch A riiiiiiiiide!"

Posted by SlamVanderhuge

@Melgin: was thinking the exact same thing.

Posted by Grambyte

I'll crank up the borderline for Borderlands 2!


Posted by Supah_Ted

YAAAAAAAAAAAA im certainly ready to puke my face off.

Posted by Melgin

I fell like they made this trailer just for Jeff.

Posted by MrBubbles

pre-order now? dude your game doesn't come out till september. i'll pre-order just closer to the date.

Posted by NcJoker

terrible music, ruined my excitement for the trailer. replayed on mute... now I'm excited again

Posted by Enigma777

What a great trailer. Made me excited for this game.

Posted by BisonHero

@senor_delicious said:

i don't know if i can handle having a primary antagonist in a Borderlands game... unless Handsome Jack is code for Tentacle Beast

Did you play the DLC much? They all had primary antagonists (except for Mad Moxxi's), and were better for it, because the writing was actually pretty good throughout.

The DLC makes the main game look like crap, because the main game's environments all look the same and the story is so threadbare that none of the locations or characters were very interesting (aside from Claptrap).

Posted by BisonHero

@JoeyRavn said:

Even in the launch trailer for this game there are some pretty noticeable Unreal Engine 3 texture pop-ins. I fucking love it.

I think that was probably depth of field effects more than texture pop-in, unless I'm missing some particular instance.

Posted by SlinkDickens

Been a while since I got this excited for a game based just on the Trailer. However, the main thing I want which I didn't see (probably because it'd make for a boring trailer) are convenient UI touches that will make co-op smoother. Primarily, I'd want MMO style loot options, UI for loot trading, and a way to show off your build (like an 'inspect' or something).

Other nice touches would be a way to show off your build offline and maybe play with your skill tree. Some type of leaderboard would be cool and the locker should be part of the main game.

Posted by Gamer_152

Some of the text in this trailer was rather cringe-worthy (I always thought the humour in Borderlands was lacking) but apart from that very cool. If they can fix up the major problems that Borderlands 1 had this could be an excellent game.

Posted by Dain22

@Th3irdEye said:

@Dain22: Wow. IDK what it was about that mash-up but Kanye sounded terrible. Probably because you could actually hear him since the music didn't match up exactly.

Was it falling out of sync? Please leaving a time-stamped comment in the player so I can go back and tweak it (I threw this together in an afternoon).

Posted by Th3irdEye

@Dain22: Wow. IDK what it was about that mash-up but Kanye sounded terrible. Probably because you could actually hear him since the music didn't match up exactly.

Posted by Slow_pC

@Dain22: Nice work! Power is back in 2012!

Posted by iBePeRFeCT

@Clinkz: Well I liked it myself. I'm a huge Mass Effect fan and it was the first trailer I've allowed myself to watch since I had been blacking out the game. I'm sure my fanboyism is what makes me think so highly of that trailer.

Posted by Gregomasta

Salvador looks like a dwarf

Posted by BaneFireLord

I just realized how much I really, really dislike this music genre.

Posted by Scrawnto

@Riboflavin said:

This is mostly electro, not very dubstep other than the drop at the end.

Yep, definitely electro house. The only half-time, broken beat segment with wobble bass was when Claptrap was dancing.

Edited by Clinkz

@iBePeRFeCT said:

I have to say, Gearbox knows how to make the best trailers. Just when I thought nothing could top Mass Effect 3's Take Back the Earth trailer Gearbox tops it with this.

Are you serious? Mass Effect 3's trailer was nothing special. I'm kind of offended people thought it was good. They completely ripped off halo 3's except it wasn't nearly as good as that one.

Posted by Daftasabat

"Pandora's changed".......looked the same to me <shrugs>

Posted by ABK_92

@Gunder said:

That was a fucking terrible trailer. Extremely boring and clichéd.

Yo eat a dick straight up.

Posted by Gunder

That was a fucking terrible trailer. Extremely boring and clichéd.

Posted by Dain22

@RhombusOfTerror said:

@Solh0und said:

Will Nero's Doomsday be 2012's Power?

All it needs now is a mash-up.


Posted by miva2

@Cyrisaurus said:

That trailer was awesome, but I played the first game, which is enough to keep me away from this.

now you are making totally no sense.

Posted by zFUBARz

@Lydian_Sel: Well now I expect drops at every break in the conversation.

Edited by Nerolus

This "LOL WUB WUB DUBSTEP IT'S COOL RIGHT" shit is way overdone and annoying.

Posted by light_grenade

Claptrap convinced me!

Posted by CptBedlam

Less dubstep, please.

Posted by Shuborno

@Xeiphyer said:

I've got no idea who this person at the end of the trailer is exactly, but I'm sure shes somehow related.

The live actress at the end is Lilith (i.e. Siren class from the first game).

A little while back they had an open casting call for Lilith and Gearbox had a promotional video that went along with it.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Reminds me, I really need to finish Borderlands.

Good trailer, looking solid. Claptrap dancing to Dubstep is the icing on the cake.

Posted by FesteringNeon

Loved playing the first one co-op online, and split screen. The trophies were easy, but kept a nice pace of unlocking! Cheers for round 2!

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

I am ready to joy puke.

Posted by whatsnme

so much dub step.

Posted by morrelloman

Yo dawg I heard you like borderlands.

I for one am pretty excite.

Posted by ProfessorEss


More Skills*

*for the payment of bigger bills.

Posted by selbie

In that Nero song, i always think he says Tuesday instead of doomsday :/