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Posted by theuselessgod

Welcome back, dear reader, and hopefully you survived the horror that was "horror week." We got 10 creepy games reviewed, bumping our game total up to 77 overall. Of course I still have more to review, but we'll see if they pop up during later events.

I'm enjoying sticking to a theme every week, and in celebration to the announcement of the direct sequels to Pokemon Black/White coming out on the DS later this year, I'm going to declare this Pokemon week! I'm going to review everyPokemon generation, and even a few of the odd-balls (such as Crystal or Platinum). But that's not all! I'm also planning on doing all the spin-off games I've played (Pokemon Pinball, anyone?) which should provide some quality content. And before you ask: yes, I've played Hey You, Pikachu! So just keep that in mind.

If by some miracle I run out of Pokemon games before the year ends, I have a few more up my sleeve. Mario 2 (NES) has been in the backburner of requests, as well as Saints Row the Third (which I played religiously this last week), so those might pop up.

RPG week after Pokemon week? Maybe. Mass Effect 3 comes out soon, and that's technically an RPG. We'll see.

Here are these weeks' games, with scores!

Alan Wake - 3 / 5 Stars

Saw - 2 / 5 Stars

Clock Tower: The First Fear - 4 / 5 Stars

Dead Space 2 - 5 / 5 Stars

Plants vs Zombies - 5 / 5 Stars

Silent Hill 2 - 5 / 5 Stars

Silent Hill 3 - 5 / 5 Stars

Silent Hill Homecoming - 2 / 5 Stars

Condemned: Criminal Origins - 3 / 5 Stars

The Darkness II - 3 / 5 Stars

Expect some pocket monster mayhem this week! See you there!