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Pizza time!

Posted by Patman99

In an alternate world where the editors control the camera and the production crew and engineers are in front of it!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN

Posted by mustachioeugene

Mailbags are some of my favourite videos on the site. Always such a blend of the community's appreciation and God damned randomness.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

People should send in copies of flight sims so we have more Dave/Drew/Vinny QLs

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Does that pizza have Track IR support?

Posted by zombie2011

I just ate, now i want pizza.

Posted by JakeLogan

4:00 - Dry Ice Mist, Don't Breathe This

Posted by CraigAA1028

Put dry ice in a cup with water and soap. IT"S AWESOME

Posted by Springfart
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Look at that sweet Warlords drawing!

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Worst science experiment ever.

Took the words straight out of my head there!

Still awesomely funny to watch, science failed? Let's get beer! :D

Posted by Scythus

Leave it to the guys to have more fun with dryice than the pizza xD

Posted by MonkfishEsq

I've never seen so many people so excited by a box full of fog!

Posted by SiN13

Did Patrick just totally miss a Back to The Future reference? Come on man.

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and that's why I subscribe to Giantbomb.com... Oh and video games

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oh man I wish I had a box :(

Posted by gbrading

Such entertainment. After they discover the dry ice the pizza becomes rather secondary.

Posted by Benny

Jeff brought the bubble machine to an on the spot years ago, it's pretty cool.

Posted by Death_Burnout

@Benny said:

Jeff brought the bubble machine to an on the spot years ago, it's pretty cool.

Was just gonna say, fucking bubble machine.

Posted by RobertOrri

But you promised a LAN party!

Posted by Ventilaator

I can't believe how completely dumb this video is. I love it.

Posted by SSully

Giordano's is my go to pizza place! Quick, someone ship them Portillo's for the full Chicago experience!

Posted by Morka

What happens if you put Ice-T in the box?

Posted by Batmeng

I think it's a good thing they can't cook where they work.

Posted by Sergotron

Oh whats in the box whats in the box?!

Posted by cojack426

To bad it wasn't Lou Malnatis, that's the premium stuff.

Posted by IshimuraD

Oh man, they really loved that box.

Posted by SiN13

You guys need to press a metal object like a fork into the dry ice and it will make this horrible screeching noise.

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Where is the eating !

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Hopefully someone living close by can make these as deep dish pizzas rock.

Posted by Mathey

I went from being delighted to being genuinely concerned for the staff's safety and still delighted

Posted by ComradeCrash

I was late watching this random video...and I am okay with that! lol

Posted by Buju3000

I'm just gonna send a box of dry ice.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

@cojack426 said:

To bad it wasn't Lou Malnatis, that's the premium stuff.

I will fight you.

Posted by thealexray

Perishep was the worst main character choice in Mass Effect 3.

Posted by GlenTennis

Dig Deeper into Pizza

Yes please!

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Note to self, when sending Pizza's to Giant Bomb just send dry ice instead.

Posted by Dberg

@Morka said:

What happens if you put Ice-T in the box?

You end up with a really pissed off man in a box.

Posted by buhssuht

Quicklook : Dry Ice in Box

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Watching non-Chicagoans react to Chicago-style pizza is always adorable. "Look how thick it is! Sauce on top, what is this madness? This is more like a casserole!"

Posted by GalacticPunt

You guys are a bunch of big kids, and that's great!

I'd like to "Dig Deeper into Pizza" too.

Posted by rebgav

@buhssuht said:

Quicklook : Dry Ice in Box

Game of the Year.

Posted by Jackel2072

oh god, after this video they are going to get 10 boxes of dry ice in the mail. 
and that was the end of Giant Bomb.