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Posted by djames216

I wonder how many times more it cost for the shipping than the pizzas?

Posted by Cheesebob


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Posted by sarahnizzle

We now live in a world where we upgrade from watching cats play with boxes on the internet to grown men play with boxes on the internet.

I am okay with that.

Posted by fisk0
@MonkfishEsq said:

I've never seen so many people so excited by a box full of fog!

Wouldn't you be?
Posted by rawrsair

I love these random videos, they are awesome. PIZZA!

Posted by DuskVamp

Glad you guys got it in one piece, hope you enjoy the pizza as much as the dry ice! Thanks again for your help! :)

Posted by kayeyeeff

The next Happy Hour better feature some goddamn dry ice now.

Posted by zockroach

Get an oven!! Shit man!!

Posted by theveej

@Cheesebob said:


lol was thinking the same, Ryan goes away for one week and everything goes to shit

Posted by Wacomole

That Science suffered from a distinct lack of hitting things with a hammer.

Posted by dvdhaus

Aw man Joey wearing a Screened Hoodie!

Posted by buckybit

Tricaster prepared food - Vinny wasn't kidding ...

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you can put it on a launch xbox to cook the pizza

Posted by bigsmoke77

Screened Hoodie?

Posted by AngelN7

I find hilarious that they're having fun with dry ice , to me it was cool for about 5 seconds.

Posted by ICF_19XX

Bubbly Fog.

Posted by Dany

As a Chicagoan, them getting Giordano and being AMAZED by its size is really funny.

Posted by benson

That WARLORDS! dragon is rad.

Posted by Eboria

This is why I love this site. Also, Vinny+Snider in anything=Instant Awesome!

Posted by chilibean_3

Deep dish pizza is gross. Sorry.

Posted by Ravenlight

2 minutes of pizza, 7 minutes of fucking around with science.

Posted by cikame

Hell yeah get a fog machine.
Also, if jeffs bubble machine is the one he used on gamespot, that'd be cool.

Posted by CJduke

If you don't trust your knife, who ya gonna trust?

Posted by HatKing

@Kevin_Cogneto said:

Watching non-Chicagoans react to Chicago-style pizza is always adorable. "Look how thick it is! Sauce on top, what is this madness? This is more like a casserole!"

Exactly! I love seeing it. Oh... now I need some Lou Malnati's.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I love the shot around 5:00. Everyone gathering around the box of dry ice and the pizza lies on the floor.

Posted by mbkish

Hell yeah! Chicago represent!

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Thank you!!!! I've been craving deep dish for a long time.. Just ordered 5.

Only bad part is shipping is double the price of each pizza. costs more to ship then the pizza's themselves.

but i know it will be worth it. :)


Posted by Rabid619

It's like a child receiving a nice gift and then tossing the gift aside and playing with the wrapping paper. I love this site so much haha.

Posted by MisterMouse

"Dig Deep into Pizza" sure why not...

Posted by Arc209

@dvdhaus said:

Aw man Joey wearing a Screened Hoodie!

I know! Really hope they put that up on the store...

Posted by codynewill

Lol, Brad at 1:48. Such an honest, "hello."

Edited by Suigyoken

I think I'm going to send you guys a fog machine. And a Pizza stone, which is really going to be a large unglazed tile from Home Depot or something.

Posted by AllanIceman

Dry Ice Mailbag! Also some pizza or something.

Posted by rudyarr

vinny!!!!! where is your hair?!?!?!?!?!?!?! oh man..you should just shave it off man. or where a hat or something...its freaking me out!!

Posted by OriginalGman

I'm only attending bubbly fog parties from this day forward. Meaning I'll keep not going to parties. Except PAX East, the greatest party. The Giant Bomb panel better have bubbly fog this year! See you there.

Posted by Shun_Akiyama

This is why giantboomb is the thing ever

Posted by DeF

@Eboria said:

This is why I love this site.

:D amen!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Internet gold

Posted by shodan2020

Hey! Get me a pizza with nothin' on it! :)

Posted by GeneralDAS

Has anyone heard Drew swear? I only ask now because he ALMOST said "That is a deep-ass pizza" but stopped himself.

Posted by Airickson

@thealexray said:

Perishep was the worst main character choice in Mass Effect 3.

Well done.

Posted by Joker369

I love this website.

Posted by AlfredoSloth

The best pizza I've ever eaten came from Giordano's. True story. Anytime I'm in Illinois I always make sure I get some of that amazing deep dish.

I am not saying it is the best pizza ever (haven't been to New York, yet), but the beginning of the video definitely made my mouth water just thinking about it.

Posted by Milkman

This is what happens when Ryan leaves the office.

Posted by Gravywilde

This is what happens when Ryan isn't around.

Posted by edeo

Bubbly Fog sounds like an anime

Posted by Gravywilde

@Milkman: What the hell.

Posted by I_smell

That pizza was DEEP!!!!!

Posted by giant_frying_pan

That's premium ice! We need that!