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Posted by HowDire

Hahaha I love that the Pizza was just left on the floor whilst everyone played with the box.

Posted by danimal_furry

Wouldn't dry ice just keep regular ice cold? Also, I can't believe they missed the opportunity to throw a piece of dry ice into a bottle with some water. That is where the real fun starts.

Posted by sublime90

about 10 seconds in and im annoyed. im like whats that fucking annoying chant? oh its patrick.

Posted by Sparklykiss

I am stealing your hoodie, you had best look out!

Posted by kkotd

More of this, all of this, right here, with the ice... and pizza.

Posted by nccows

I had no idea you could order Giordano's online. My dad loves it, but we live in coastal North Carolina, so we can't get it locally. You just gave me the perfect Father's Day present idea!

Posted by milkohol

@cojack426:Apples and oranges man. There's a time and place for both. Also Home Run Inn.

Posted by Little_Socrates

@Kevin_Cogneto said:

@cojack426 said:

To bad it wasn't Lou Malnatis, that's the premium stuff.

I will fight you.

Seriously, what? Lou's is like $20 cheapo-deep dish that runs like mad. Giordano's is approaching, like, $30 a pie when you get deep dish and is waaaay fresher.

Posted by sporkwaffles

2 minutes of opening the box, 6 minutes of playing with dry ice. I like.

Posted by prodigy_T


Posted by Xaviersx

Yes, bring in the bubble machine and get a fog machine. Get Science up in the Giantbomb. Freezing foam party!