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Posted by WinnipegFats

3 days to go until Mass Effect 3 launches. After that, all bets are off. I managed to finish Deus Ex, as I mentioned before, and I also got through Outland, and am one chapter away from being through the Resident Evil 5. As excited as I am for ME3 to finally launch, and damn am I excited, I will almost be sad to see this period end where I was able to go through a few games on my shelf and give them a second try or just pick them up after something shiny and new took me away from them. The boss fight in 5-2 of RE5 has me almost ready to quit again. Sheva needs to work on her not getting killed abilities.

Back to Mass Effect 3, though, I'm noticing the Collector's Edition on Xbox 360 is looking a little rare around here. Is anyone else out there finding that as well? My local Best Buy (where I also work) got only four copies of the CE on 360 and only 2 on the PS3. I'm going to do some internet scouring for this thing today, I think. Hopefully I'm not too late.

Posted by Sveppi

That's a pretty fun coincidence, as I finished Deus Ex earlier this week and just today finished RE5 before starting ME3.

Posted by Justin258

I wish I could consider this much gaming "being productive".