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Posted by Butano

@SASnake: True, but it doesn't mean they completely scrapped all of the animation libraries from Conviction. They could have easily used them for this just because they knew it worked within their engine and be easier to deal with by slapping a different skin on the protagonist.

I'm not saying that's what happened, but it could have easily been done that way to push the game out ASAP after they decided to restart from square 1, move development over to Ubisoft Shanghai (a studio who's worked on 2 of the Splinter Cell games in the past), and build it with the Conviction engine.

Posted by Alphazero
@yesac2004 said:

According to Google Maps it would only take 40 days to walk across the country

Don't mention that to Gary Whitta.
Posted by Krakn3Dfx

It's too bad this didn't come to the PC, then I could have pirated and spent the $15 on popcorn chicken.

Just kidding. I'll buy it and have popcorn chicken anyway.

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Great ideas, i'm loving the atmosphere and the novel aproach to post apoc.
But daumn graphically it looks like a solidified piece of poop that gets stuck on your ass hairs after you don't wipe properly.
Would have bought it if PSN was not a shit service that had problems processing my card.

Posted by Hef

I Am Alive, y u no steam?

Posted by iAmJohn

Man, this look awful.

Posted by Jedted

I'm deffinatly intrigued by this, though i could see the ruined city backdrop getting a little stale after a few hours. If Ubisoft were to make another LOST game with these mechanics then that could be pretty awsome.

Posted by Milkman

Looked kind of interesting the beginning but by the end, I was completely unsold. No thanks.

Posted by The_Nubster

This game doesn't look good.

Posted by MisterMouse

Google Maps says you can walk across the country (NY to LA) in about 39 days... that is with out stopping, keeping the same speed. That seems crazy to me, but I feel like you can walk across the country in a year.

Posted by AngelN7

@triviaman09 said:

Weirdly reminded of Amy by this game...

I think is because there's seem to be a rise of Download only games that kinda look like retail products (wich I think is great I'm sick of the indie platformers) or could be the color palatte.

Posted by BigSteve1983

Is it me, or does the title remind me of music from Heavy Rain?

However looking at the quick look it seems that this game could be decent to play however it would be frustrating as **** at the same time.

Posted by flanker22

when brad goes back into episode select and finds all his progress is wiped i enjoyed that rofl.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

@Javes said:

I think Brad has a problem understanding video game mechanics.

You and me both. Amazing he does this for a living.

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

Might have to get this, as I think I will really like this. If it has anything to do with survival in a harsh environment, I am in it seems. Hell, I even installed a mod for Skyrim where you need to eat, drink and sleep. And all the food has calories, proteins etc which you have to balance.

Anyway, how long it is will a factor. If it is long, I might have to get it soon. If it is short I will wait for some kind of sale.

Posted by TeflonBilly

@dr_mantas said:

Vinny has the patience of a saint :)

Vinny will make a great father one day. Listen to how he patiently slows down and explains things calmly.

Posted by Droop

This actually looks pretty interesting.

Posted by AMyggen

Jesus Christ, people complaining about Brad playing video games...I wonder if people will keep bitching about it if this site is still going 5 years from now.

Posted by PimblyCharles

I could care less about how Brad plays a game in a quickook. However, I hope he isn't the one reviewing this game, because it doesn't deserve the low score he's likely to give it just because he doesn't know how to play it. Vinny was polite during this, but I bet he wanted to tell Brad to give him the controller cause he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing

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why is this not mechanically assassins creed? I thought they would have fixed this...

very half baked

Posted by MrCaptain

They where obviously on the right track before they changed episode, it just that brad wanted to hang down the pipe instead of just hanging from the ledge so he could jump: Game seems cool though but annoying as hell. I really want to have a good after catastrophy "the road" survival like game and this seems as close as you can get.

It seems a bit open world too which fits the kinda scavenging exploration nature of this setting.

Posted by m2cks

@AMyggen said:

Jesus Christ, people complaining about Brad playing video games...I wonder if people will keep bitching about it if this site is still going 5 years from now.

If people have been complaining since the beginning, people will complain until the end.

Posted by formic12

@yesac2004: That's non-stop though, it wouldn't factor in sleep and all that extra stuff.

Posted by Itrytobreathe

@depecheload: It's not a bug. It says clearly at the bottom of the screen "reset save game to previous episode". When you click something that says "reset save game" you should probably expect your save game to be reset.

Posted by bybeach

Thanks Brad and Vinny, pretty interested in this game, except for what I was hearing about the controls sometimes..and whatever happened at the end. I'm  going to get this game, but I'd like to put my ear to the ground first and see if it's offered on steam. It's furthor sharpening up the picture is what I have in mind.
Posted by Tsuchikage

Brad tried to help us by giving us a Quick Look of I Am Alive and it cost him all of his progress in the game. This is a perfect example of why you don't help people. Sorry Brad!

Posted by SpaceRunaway

Greatest Ending.

Posted by Generiko


Posted by huser

To call back a past Bombcast, we now know who of the crew will make the hard choices. Brad will kill a fool.

Posted by Brackynews

Bradley will cut a fool.

Posted by CaptainInvictus

@Troglet said:

oh man brad is so bad at videogames

Brad At Videogames

Posted by Redbullet685

Still looks neat. Might buy it, or wait for it to drop in price.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Dudes a pretty poor preper.

Posted by Subjugation

Yikes. That bites that it reverted your save back to the beginning Brad. I assumed that by resetting your save it meant that when you would choose the "continue" option it would load your progress from that episode instead of the one you were previously playing through, but still maintain your ability to go back to the episodes you have unlocked.

Posted by liquidcabbage

Maybe it's a bit frustrating to play, but don't you just glad that this kind of game exists?

Posted by spudbyte

Ouch!! So sorry Brad... but I can't help lmao @ someone else sufferin' an autosave snafu.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi


Posted by TheHBK

Damn, what is up with the graphics glitches? You move the camera and you can tell that shit is trying to draw the walls again and it aint fast enough.

Posted by Cybexx

Kind of a divisive looking game. There are a lot of elements of it that appeal to me but it looks like the execution was rushed. I guess that's what happens when you take a big budget game idea and then switch developers and try to re-engineer it into an XBLA budget. I still respect what this game is trying to do and will at least give the trial a shot.

Posted by nihilisticmonkey

"I kinda wanted to get through this quicklook without referencing Cormack Mcarthey... seems kinda lazy"

No Brad. That's the developer. Not you.

Especially since they changed this from a modern day localised disaster ala New Orleans to this post-apocalypse stuff after the Japanese Earthquakes as they thought it'd effect sales.

Posted by 1momosauky

someone is brad at video games

Posted by ZmillA

Don't know if I should watch this. I already know I'm getting the game

Posted by Soulblitz

Looks really interesting. I wish it was out on Steam, but hey.

Posted by Rocospi

4:35 Put it in the books.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

so sad

Posted by Potter9156

The lack of color was fine inside the building where everything is covered in dust, but outside in the bright sun with trees and mountains visible, the complete absence of color seemed out of place and hokey.

Posted by prestonhedges

Looks like the art was really bad and the frame rate was shit and they just said, "Well, let's make it black/white and add a bunch of fog, problem solved."

Posted by ZmillA

Ok I watched the QL

This game is perfect for me. I love the quirk and jank, the unique mechanics, atmosphere. Getting dis game.

Posted by idlehands

Oh man how I've waited for this!!

Posted by belin43

This game is stupid.