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Been looking forward to this game.

Posted by NeoKef

looks cool

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not first!!!!!

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@kre8havoc said:


Ed Cec? Who is that?

Posted by Marz

oh... totally forgot this game is coming out... like tommorow.

Posted by countinhallways

Yay! Ed Cec 4 evar.

Also, I am actually excited for this game. Hopefully it turned out okay and doesn't go too sci-fi/fantastical in plot.

Posted by jjnen

4:37 and Brad dies. I was hoping that he'd stay alive a bit longer.

Posted by Dustpan

Wish this game wasn't coming out the same week as Mass Effect 3. I would have gotten it hadn't that been the case.

Posted by scarace360

kill em all.

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been looking forward to this

Posted by paulunga

Okay, either the controls are really clunky or Brad is bad at the combat. Seems like he's having trouble with switching to his machete after firing.

Posted by SolidOcelot

This game reminds me of fellow XBLA game Amy (i.e. TERRIBLE)

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Feel like Brad's not paying so much attention, because on his first try against those 4 dudes, he picked up a new bullet right after shooting that other guy with the gun and said "i'm out off bullets" and ended up dead :P.

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@Rappelsiini said:

4:37 and Brad dies. I was hoping that he'd stay alive a bit longer.

Looking at this game, that's not a bad time.

Posted by GeneralBison

I really want to get this game but watching Brad deal with these situations is painful!

Posted by Grixxel

So you're looking for the Vault?

Posted by SASnake

Most of these animations are from Splinter Cell Convictions :/

Posted by sterbacblu

I was super excited for this game when the idea was an earthquake in (I think) Chicago with you trying to get through the rubble and survive long enough to find your family. Now it's just another post-apocolyptic shooter, which looks like it has some interesting ideas, but the setting kinda ruins it for me.

Posted by HibikiRush

This looks so bland. Wasted hype.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Time to Brad: 4:30

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I, I feel so alive for the very first time

I can’t deny You

I feel so alive

I, I feel so alive for the very first time

And I think I can fly

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I'm going to be let down if this turns out badly. Really interesting and somewhat-fresh concept.

Posted by rygar8bit

what the frick brad what are you doing!?

Posted by George_Hukas

I light of my decision to be more positive and an overall better person, I've decided not to say anything about this game.


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For the love of god, Brad!

This is beyond frustrating to watch. *complaincomplaincomplain*

Posted by WilyBoy

I had no idea what this game was, but it actually looks really cool.

Posted by Itrytobreathe

Not sure if Brad is aware of it, but given that he drops his gun after shooting he might not be - you can still threaten guys and have them back down by pointing a gun at them even if it's empty. They will still be scared if they don't KNOW that you're empty.

Posted by BeachThunder

I really love the desolate and hopeless vibe to the game, but the gameplay seems really awkward/confusing =/

Also: "I should shut up and...fuck!"

Posted by Death_Burnout

@paulunga said:

Okay, either the controls are really clunky or Brad is bad at the combat. Seems like he's having trouble with switching to his machete after firing.

I bet it's both.

Posted by sawtooth

ehh... no thanks

Posted by mbr2

Seems like the Far Cry 2 of 2012. Really bleak, it doesn't hold your hand and will surely be scolded by people because of that. I hope they make a worthy PC port.

Posted by spankingaddict

It's like Brads never played a platformer-like game before : )

Posted by hollitz

I'm actually more jazzed about this than Mass Effect 3.

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edit* Patrick looks a little like Patrick Hernandez haha

**double edit; this game actually looks pretty interesting; I don't think it's the game for brad though...

Think I'll pick this up, sorta starved for a unique game expereince these days.

Posted by proggykins

Brad quick looks can be really frustrating to watch.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Poor Brad, lost all of his progress.

Posted by sear

Man, is it just me or is there crazy over-aggressive culling going on? Lots of pop-in on the extreme edges of the level geometry when the camera moves fast.

Also, this game is extremely grey and ugly, and seems a lot less interesting in practice than it was in concept. Shame.

Posted by veiasma

Jesus, Brad was cold blooded with those guys.

Posted by RampageAssassin

@Cloudenvy: Totally agree. I'm looking forward to be giving this ago tomorrow.

Posted by Slaker117

Brad continues to be baffled by basic level design. Some things never change.

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GameInformer just gave it a pretty high 8.5

Destructoid agrees.

IGN does not.

Posted by buckybit

... would love to see that on PC - but then, again - it's UBISOFT. They think PC Gamers are all criminals.

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I think Vinny was right about that spot being the place to get across. You couldn't make the jump when standing, and you couldn't make it hanging from the pipe, but it looked like you could maybe do it from the middle position where you're hanging from the ledge with your feet on the pipe. Then your hands are lined up with a bit of ledge on the other side and maybe you could have grabbed that and shimmied across to the other platform.

Posted by hurricanehaines

Opps, no bullets

Posted by MeldingPlague

This Quick Look ended up sounding like a great premise for a Breaking Brad. No achievements to aim for, no scores to beat. Just Brad trying to beat a stupid game.

Posted by andrewf87462

Yeah Brad really panics, i've never heard anything like it before. If it was me doing a "quick look" of a game, I would definitely be more prepared.

Posted by Troglet

oh man brad is so bad at videogames

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Interesting game, that definitely seems to be going for "The Road" vibe. Throughout that novel the Man often only had a single bullet to protect himself and the Boy with. The problem is, I don't think a video game of "The Road" makes a very enjoyable game.

I Am Alive isn't the only game to do the "one save slot" problem. Dead Rising did it, and even Bastion did it.