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Posted by Rolyatkcinmai

It was definitely a little painful watching him stumble around when he walked right by the pole about 10 minutes prior and ignored it.

Posted by Stubee

Really like the idea of encountering people that aren't hostile at first. Its a cool concept.

Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

@cikame said:

Thanks brad, thanks.

@cikame: Brad thanks, Brad

Posted by vonFlampanker

@TentPole: Usually these Quick Looks will tell me most of what I need to know about a game. Better than a review in most cases since I don't have to parse out bias or figure out a scoring system.

This one, though, I'm not so sure about. This game looks good visually, has an interesting concept, is deliberately staged and paced, and features a character who's not the patron saint of upper body strength like Nathan Drake or Ezio; but Brad's tone says a lot about the experience of actually playing. I've had that feeling myself from time to time and I hate it.

For now: will probably pass on this one despite the generally good scores.

Posted by zaglis

This does not look good or fun at all.

Posted by jakkblades

This game looks cool. I like games where each combat encounter is extremely significant, because of limited ammo, health, or melee abilities. It piles on the strategy, tension, and player immersion--all my favorite things in games.

Posted by GetEveryone

@spiderbat87 said:

I'm gutted the made this game just download, In was really looking forward to it but now I wont be getting it

You show them, boss!

Posted by Capstan

Wow, this game sweats Armageddon. Great atmosphere. The controls have to snap for a game like this to work, though. And I wish all developers were required to pass a course on the difference between player consequences and player punishment.

Posted by depecheload

That save wipe bug is pathetic and inexcusable. Not buying this.

Posted by lockwoodx

Just warn me now... is this another "brad fails at everything" video, because those really get under my OCD skin and turn me off to the game he's playing.

Posted by Nerolus

Looks pretty sweet, especially for the price. I like those slow paced deliberate games that require a bit of thought. I may have to pick this up now.

Sorry about your saves dude, that blows. At least you brought it to our attention. Now I know just what NOT to do.

Posted by Goldanas

@EternalGamer2: Agreed, the game seems generous with checkpoints; when Brad was fumbling with that climbing moment and wanted to drink the water, it probably would have been better to just drop and eat the checkpoint (Although it would have been even better if he just climbed up. Baffling).

It's stuff like this where you can see why people focus test games and they get seriously dumbed down in the traversal department as in Uncharted. If the game doesn't hold your hand, you end up in situations where people like Brad point the camera down at their feet the entire time and hesitate to do anything but one action until something bites them in the face or they screw up and blame the game. Some people, like Brad, can't handle exploration or puzzles.

This is not to say these people, and Brad, are bad at games. Often times, when a game is simply a game and goes out of its way to explain the mechanics in a very mechanical and precise fashion, these people can be quite good at these games. Brad excels at games like Doom and Starcraft for this reason. Those are incredibly straightforward mechanical games, entirely reliant on skill, which Brad has a capacity for.

Vinny is great with these kinds of games and not so much with the others that Brad is great with, which is why you hear him accurately lay the path for Brad as often as he does.

It's really fascinating to observe each player in the staff and unravel their style of play.

Posted by JimmyPancakes

"Maybe.... I don't fucking care" hahaha

Posted by KatyGaGa

this was a funny QL

Posted by SASnake

@Butano: It dosent really, just because it runs on the same engine dosent mean it has to have the same animations :/, in that sense most games would look the exact same way, think of all the games that run on Unreal engine.

Posted by SASnake

@Beaudacious: He actually uses the rope when he find the grapple hook.

Posted by kennybaese

This game seems super frustrating... I think I'll pass.

Posted by mrcraggle

Looks interesting to say the least but I'm still so unsure of this game. Games that are stuck in development hell for such a long period of time usually don't turn out all that well and that's probably the only reason why this went from being a full blown retail game to downloadable title. I really like the concept but I think I liked the look of the original better. I think in the original concept you were trying to survive while the Event happened.

I'm not too keen on the look either even if Vinny and Brad dig it. We started off this current gen of consoles with a bunch of games that had no colour and now this game is kind of going back to that. I know something bad went down but that doesn't mean they have to turn the colours down and make everything brown and grey. Enslaved set you in this world where everything was ruined but that game was gorgeous and made me want to explore it.

Posted by BaconBuTTy

Brad played fine. Maybe a tiny case of performance anxiety with it being uncharted territory, but otherwise fine. Stop bitching.

Game looks genuinely interesting, I might have to pick this one up.

Posted by Pixeldemon

@Troglet said:

oh man brad is so bad at videogames

I kept on thinking this as I watched the quicklook, but I thought I'd sound like a dick if I expressed it.

Posted by X19

*Warning* Brad at work.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Classic Brad pulling a Brad in here.

Posted by dr_mantas

Vinny has the patience of a saint :)

Posted by triviaman09

Weirdly reminded of Amy by this game...

Posted by peEtr

We mustn't talk about the event!

Posted by Pixeldemon

Omg, the ending of this QL. Makes me not want to play it, just because the save feature is so badly designed.

But yeah, I agree with Brad that the idea of this game looks great. Seems like these guys watched "The Road", which is definitely more grim than "there was an earthquake".

Posted by Danishmaggot

All right, Im in!

Posted by Shun_Akiyama

how big is the download?

Posted by NegativeCero

Looks pretty janky, but interesting. Sucks for Brad at the end.

Posted by Lingxor

This looks cool. I'm always up for a good challenge.

Posted by MiniPato

Best way to end a quick look.

Posted by jbrady

brad just needs to not get so easily frustrated. i hope he doesnt read the comments because they'll only make it worse, but if you do brad just try to take it slower and dont get so mad at every little mistake. regardless, good quicklook and game looks interesting, it just made it to the top of my ' wait and see ' pile.

Posted by Javes

I think Brad has a problem understanding video game mechanics.

Edited by Uberdubie

SO glad Vinny was there for this. It was as if I was channeling my thoughts to him and immediately he'd verbally say them. You're the best. Never change, Vinny.


Posted by GraveyardPolka

@Stubee said:

Really like the idea of encountering people that aren't hostile at first. Its a cool concept.

Agreed. I wish more games did this. It's a reason I love the Elder Scrolls games so much, though this game seems to do it more overtly.

Posted by AssInAss

Sold. Nothing quite like this on the market, and I love a challenge.

Posted by triviaman09

Also has this game heard of colors?

Posted by Xenctuary

"Reset To Episode" should not work like that.

Posted by Huey2k2

How is he keeping the video camera charged?

That's what I want to know.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Sweet! Another Vinny quicklook, I love it! I'm also lovin' this game. Too bad it's not coming out for PC and PS3 is delayed. Hope the PS3 version isn't nerfed somehow, cause I intend to buy it. Damn does this game loo like a full retail release, but with its history I can see why it would.

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

This looks neat

Posted by DirtyEagles

lol bread

Posted by DeF

@Huey2k2 said:

How is he keeping the video camera charged?

That's what I want to know.

he's rubbing it against his hair.

also, it is established fact that ALL video cameras in movies/TV and games have to be charged at 75% at all times unless the plot requires it otherwise.

Posted by DT9k

"Where's the guy with the goofy arm?"

Posted by tallTuck94

i swear out of all giantbomb quick lookers brad is always the one to get stuck at the most obvious points

Posted by Mumrik

"Reset to Episode" Brad... It actually only did what you asked it to.

Sort of weird function though.

Posted by Laini

Been looking forward to this for years, really glad to see it looks like exactly what I was hoping for.

Posted by HydraHam

@tallTuck94 said:

i swear out of all giantbomb quick lookers brad is always the one to get stuck at the most obvious points

Which is why i prefer his, because i too get stuck at the most obvious points, i can relate more to his QL's.

Posted by X19

Just 360 :(

Posted by Dagbiker

Review Forthcoming?