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Posted by HumanityPlague

Well, I finally got my Debug Xbox.  I found a seller on Craigslist, e-mailed him, and we eventually worked out an ebay transaction.  The unit came in today, so I took a bunch of pictures of it.  This posting will be the Hardware pictures only.  In my next posts, I'll show the dashboard/software pics.  All pics were taken with my iPod camera.
Front shot of the console: 

Top of the console:
In it's place (where my normal Xbox usually is) :
Xbox Debug On (I love the clear light thing):
Xbox Drive tray opened (It's a Thompson Drive, if anyone's curious):
Microsoft Warning Label (still intact):
Microsoft Debug Kit Label:
And finally, the Debug Kit label on the front of the console:
  In my next post, I'll detail the XDK Dashboard.  My Debug Unit also has a game on it, 007: From Russia With Love, so the post after the software one will have some shots of that.