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Posted by HumanityPlague

On my XDK, I have a few apps, as well as a Debug version of the game 007: From Russia With Love.
Here's the Audio Console App (I can't get it past this screen, likely because I don't have the hardware):

DolphinClassic App (just a Dolphin swimming around, likely for graphical testing/showcase):
  Gamepad App (there's 4 parts to this, used as a testing application for all parts of a Gamepad):
Second Part: 
Third part:
  Fourth Part:
Now for the game.  I only took a few shots of it.  A lot of the menu's are semi-incomprehensible.  Also, the game doesn't work right.  I can get it to boot, but the second I actually gain control of Bond, it freezes up.  I have two different executable's (or as Will Smith would say " Exzécutable"), one is labeled QA (Quality Assurance, most likely) the other is labeled "TM" (I'd guess for Test Mode).  The TM XBE just gives me a "There's a problem with the disk, it might be dirty or damaged" error.  The QA XBE does boot, I can get into the game, watch the opening movie, but when I gain control, it freezes.  The other pics are what happens when you don't select either XBE, and it goes into the Debugger.
The Core Menu:
The Audio Menu (blurry, sorry):
VFX Menu:
Debugger Shot:
Game screenshot (this is where I can get to, but it freezes at this spot):

 Well, hope you've enjoyed my few postings.  It's a neat trinket, but ultimately kind of useless.  I can't get it to boot a normal game (even though it does have the actual dashboard), but I still like it.  Drop a line if you have any questions, or comments.
Posted by loopy_101

Pretty neat. I bet you can have a lot of fun tweaking the game, probably not too surprising that it is prone to crashing saying that.

Posted by HumanityPlague
@loopy_101: Yeah, I wish it was more stable somewhat.  Or I could at least get the game running past the main menu.
Posted by believer258

So... is this a debug original Xbox or a modified retail one?

Because I have a modified one but I've never seen any screens like that. It was pretty fun to fiddle with, though, especially since the box only cost me $20.

Posted by HumanityPlague
@believer258: It's an official debug Xbox.  I do have another Xbox that is modded, but the Debug one is an official one.  Likely from EA.