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Posted by Sackmanjones

I just posted a review but I wanted to add just a quick few thoughts about the final hours of the game. 

  • The game ends very quickly and its definitely for the worst. 
  • The Leon segment is kinda cool but also very contrived 
  • Boss fights continue to be a hassle 
  • There is a ton of great nostalgia near the end of the game 
  • Hunters suck ass. 
  • A.I still sucks ass. 
  • Blowing apart zombies and taking them as meat shields is pretty entertaining 
Read my review if you want it more in depth but the quick version is the game is actually pretty entertaining but mostly for RE fans. Its a hard sell at 60 or even 40 to anyone else. If you have any questions just leave them here or on my review. I hope this helps you in your decision =)