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Posted by LeaderVladimir

@LordAndrew: Do you really want Nolan North say "Pikachu" over and over again? I don't.

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Posted by LeaderVladimir

@blueduck: Do you have something against that?

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Posted by blueduck

This guy watches Pretty little Liars

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Posted by UlquioKani

If I can play as Ron Perlman in a SSB game then I'd be happy.

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Posted by I_smell

"Hugo Weaving as Bowser" is maybe my favourite thing I've heard this week.

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Posted by Ravenlight

There is a distinct lack of Nolan North in that lineup.

@Ketchupp said:

Yeah! John Krasinski can be Luigi!

P.S. I'm joking.

John Leguizamo will always be Luigi in my mind.

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Posted by Dolphin_Butter

Jaleel White. That is all.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

I... I don't even... What. No. This is not a good idea. This seems like something cooked up on the Nsider forums, back when such existed.

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Posted by GunslingerPanda

I just vomited a little.

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Posted by BrockNRolla

@LordAndrew said:

Because the Final Fantasy movies sucked too.


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Posted by LordAndrew
Because the Final Fantasy movies sucked too.
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Posted by Video_Game_King


A.) Final Fantasy isn't relevant to this conversation.

B.) The Spirits Within is utter shit, and Advent Children isn't without its haters; clearly, appealing to Final Fantasy movies isn't going to do you any good.

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Posted by LeaderVladimir

@Video_Game_King: If Final Fantasy can make movies, why can't SSB?

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Posted by BraveToaster

This sounds like a horrible idea.

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Posted by drac96

Who's going to play Wario? That's the real question.

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Edited by Cloudenvy

I appreciate the amount of effort you put into this, but I would never want to see an SSB movie.

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Posted by LordAndrew
Aw, I thought from the title that some Smash Bros. fans were recording an oggcast. That might be interesting to listen to, but a fictitious movie that's never goint to happen is never going to happen. You haven't even cast Nolan North as anyone, despite being the perfect choice for Pikachu. You have no idea whether it will be financially successful enough to warrant a sequel, so why wait when you can get North now?
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Posted by Ketchupp

Yeah! John Krasinski can be Luigi!

P.S. I'm joking.

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Posted by Soapy86

@Deusx said:

No man, sorry. No.

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Posted by kseoul

I commend your effort into this project of yours, but I don't think a SSB movie sounds like it will do well. It's a fantastic series that became more than even the developers wanted it to be. Leave it to rest and just enjoy it for what it is.

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Posted by Deusx

Oh wow you put a lot of effort into this but... No man, sorry. No.

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Posted by Video_Game_King

@LeaderVladimir said:

an SSB movie is something fans would like to see.

You're fucking joking, right?

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Posted by LeaderVladimir

Super Smash Bros. is my favorite fighting game series ever, so I think that making an SSB movie is something fans would like to see. These are the actors I'd choose for the characters. This is a VOICE fancast, okay? No live-action. The characters' designs are too stylized to be realistically portrayed by actors.

Okay, here it goes...


Charles Martinet as Mario

Charles Martinet

Were you expecting someone else? Only Charles Martinet can voice Mario, that's a definite fact. I'd ask him to keep his Italian accent to a minimum, though, to avoid offending Italian audiences.

In the movie, Mario has a brief fight with Link. Also, Luigi does not appear, and he seems to get along with Link. To prevent outrage from fans, the fight with Link will end on a draw. Mario will show that he has manners like apologize to Link for fighting him. Mario becomes a mentor to Link throughout the movie. I will also establish a love triangle between him, Samus and Peach.

Josh Keaton as Link


I liked Josh Keaton in The Spectacular Spider-Man and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. He proves that he can voice youthful protagonists, so it fits to him that he voices Link.

In the film, Mario and Link are similar in personality: brave, honest and committed to do the right thing. The only major difference is that Link is a little more unsure of himself, so Mario has to be a mentor of sorts to Link. Link and Mario are the dual protagonists of the movie.

Malin Akerman as Samus


Malin Akerman was great as Silk Spectre in Watchmen, proving that she can play action girls. Other women I considered for the role were Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere and Jennifer Lawrence.

In the movie, Samus is in the early stages of her career as a bounty hunter. Also, she will be a love interest to Mario, creating a love triangle between her, Mario and Peach.

Ian Harding as Fox


I like Ian Harding in Pretty Little Liars. His voice reflects both youth and maturity I considered bringing Jim Walker, Fox's voice actor from Brawl and Assault, but I decided to get another actor for the role.

Okay, the movie would happen between Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox: Assault, so Fox is still getting the hang of hand-to-hand combat without a staff. He ocassionally uses his blaster to stun opponents.

Roger Craig Smith as Sonic


I decided to keep Roger Craig as Sonic as to keep up with current times. Before keeping RCS, I considered Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith, Sonic's former voice actors.

In the film, Sonic will flirt a little with Samus and will be friends with Snake, balancing Snake's brooding with his optimism.

David Hayter as Snake


Yeah, I think I'd make the entire Metal Gear fandom a favor if I brought David back to voice Snake.

The movie takes places after Metal Gear Solid and before Sons of Liberty. Snake is still in hiding, so Mario and the others have to call in some favors to help them in their adventure. He gets along with Sonic and Fox.


Hugo Weaving as Bowser


I liked how Hugo voiced Megatron in the Transformers movies. He was ruthless and savage, and that's the reason he could be Bowser.

Bowser in the primary antagonist in the first movie, but he would be a supporting antagonist in the sequels. He organizes the other villains so that they can destroy the heroes and rule their respective universes with an iron fist. During the final battle, he transforms into Giga Bowser and fights Mario.

Ron Perlman as Ganondorf


Ron Perlman has an awesome voice, and you have heard him in Hellboy, Teen Titans and Halo. He would be a cool Ganondorf.

Ganondorf is Bowser's lieutenant, but, in typical villain fashion, he is planning to betray him and obtain control of the evil alliance. During the final battle, he transforms into Ganon and fights Link.

Clancy Brown as Ridley

Ridley from brawl

I liked how Clancy Brown voiced Parallax in Green Lantern, so I gave him a shot a voicing Ridley.

Ridley does not care at all about the villain collective, and only wants to kill Samus for repeatedly ruining his plans. In the final battle, he transforms into Meta Ridley and fights Samus.

Supporting Characters

Jennifer Lawrence as Peach

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Princess Peach

I liked Jennifer in X-Men: First Class, so I think she would be better suited for Peach rather than Samus.

In the film, Peach has a crush on Mario, and is jealous how close Mario and Samus are. There will be a love triangle between her, Mario and Samus. She, along with Zelda, with appear at the end of the film.

Keira Knightley as Zelda


I'll be honest with you, I disliked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but I respect Keira Knightley as an actress. Besides, I wanted a British girl to voice Zelda to give the character a more regal appearance, since Hyrule is based on Medieval Europe.

Zelda's relationship with Link will be that of "close friends since childhood who are actually in love with one another, but are too shy to express it." She, along with Peach, will appear at the end of the movie.


That's all, folks. There will be a second part in the foreseeable future. The sequel will introduce other classic character, like Kirby and Pikachu.

I planned to make a love triangle between Mario, Peach and Samus to develop the characters in a drama setting. It's based on the Betty-Archie-Veronica relationship from the Archie comics. In one side, you have kind-hearted and patient Peach (Betty); on the other you have action girl Samus (Veronica). But let's also remember Samus is a drifter (Betty), while Peach is a princess (Veronica). So, in the end, both girls are blends of the two archetypes.

See you later.