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I'm sorry guys. The video just died. Here is a replacement trailer and a 15 minute long demo.

Thank you.

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Definitely! I have finished 18 episodes of Guilty Crown, and it's a good anime with some flaws in the pacing and characters. This visual novel game will explain some questions left by the anime. That's what I heard.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas Carol references in this game.

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The Visual Novel looks better than the actual anime. Nitroplus is really good at what they do, and I'm a huge fan of Steins;Gate, both the visual novel and it's sequel, and the anime. I'm sure they can add a bit more to this universe than what the Guilty Crown anime gave us. The anime's first half was lacking, and it got really good towards the end, but never really cleared up much.

The VN itself is visually lovely from the screenshots I've seen, I love the dark atmospheric style they're going with in comparison to the anime's lush vibrant setting. Maybe Lost Christmas will make Guilty Crown much more enjoyable as a whole.

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Guilty Crown: Lost Xmas

Welcome everyone! The company Nitroplus announce that they will release the game in Japan on May 31, 2012. It'll cost 5,040 Yen ($61). There will be a limited edition that will have a DVD that reveals a 12 minute animated short which is animated by I.G. Productions and the script is written by Nitroplus. Other mechandise includes a special box, a digi-case designed by Chuuouhigashiguchi who designed the Guilty Crown End Cards, a booklet of rough sketches, and a jacket sheet from Redjuice Graphics and chief animation director Satoshi Kadowaki. All for a grand total of 7,140 Yen ($86).


The visual novel takes place 10 years before Guilty Crown's story during the Lost Christmas event, December 25, 2029. It revolves around three main characters with code names: Scrooge, Carol, and Present.

For those who haven't watch Guilty Crown, here is my partner (KuroNekoXIII)'s awesome synopsis.

Sequel's Plot

After the spread of the "Apocalypse Virus" in Japan in the Year 2029, the country has been placed in an emergency state. Since the spread of the virus, the Japanese government lost all of its foundations, and the rein of the international organization known as GHQ began ruling the country. Now Japan is in a state of martial law, which is enforced by the GHQ, and is considered a "quasi-independent" nation.

10 years pass, and we see the story through the eyes of Shu Ouma, an average 17-year old teenager who lives a normal life. However his normal life style is soon shattered after his chance encounter with Inori Yuzuriha, who eventually involves him with the anti-government group she is a part of, known as Funeral Parlor, or Undertaker.


Here is your main cast of Lost Xmas.

Scrooge is the main character who has the King's Powers. He escapes with Carol from a testing facility that subjected him as a human test subject. His face bears a resemblance to Guilty Crown's main male protagonist, Shu Ouma.

Voice Actor:Takahiro Sakurai
Carol is a human test subject who escapes with Scrooge. Her face bears a resemblance to Guilty Crown's main female protagonist, Inori Yuzuriha.

Voice Actress:Kana Asumi
Present is an assassin who is sent to hunt down Scrooge and Carol. Her role in the game is the "Spirit of Christmas." Her face bears a resemblance to Guilty Crown's male character, Gai Tsutsugami.

Voice Actress:Yuu Kobayashi

What are your thoughts on this new visual novel game?


Team Guilty Crown