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Posted by Pudge

This game seems pretty OK. Not great, but certainly not bad. I can get behind mediocre games if they have some interesting mechanics, and it seems pretty dense with weird grenades and multiplayer modes. Certainly not worth $60, but perhaps a good pickup out of the bargain bin.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Looks good to me, honestly. This would be a blast with friends. I'm going to check it out.

Posted by Dezztroy

Looks like something I'll still enjoy with some friends provided the PC port is good.

Posted by jonnyboy

Those smoke grenades could provide a huge tactical advantage, just chuck one and the other team loses 10 frames a second!

Posted by Olivaw

Something about the sound design in this game is universally awful. Every sound is either terrible, unsatisfying, or irritating to me.

Posted by Grillbar

this game is so fucking bad. trust me i own it.

Posted by zyn

@Grillbar said:

this game is so fucking bad. trust me i own it.

this game is really bad. i own it too.

Posted by cruxking

fuck. this for me is the tipping point where zombies don't even interest me anymore. kinda sucks but if resident evil is half-assing it then what hope do other games have?

Posted by Zaccheus

Everyone said this was bad, but somehow I'm still surprised by how bad this looks.

Posted by SirDancelot

@AssInAss: I laughed at that. Also. try holding your hands up to make little telescopes in front of your eyes that look in opposite directions. That's what that guy can see: two small windows, can't see straight in front of him.

Posted by Will_M

Those zombies dont really look that hungry for human flesh. They're just hanging out getting their limbs blown off. C'mon, even the zombies in the first RE's weren't that dumb.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I'm working on a review of this and been playing through it... I would not really recommend it.

The boss fights are some of the worst ever.

Posted by ShawnDC

QLs need more MuskRat1234. Or not, whatever.

Posted by dropabombonit

This looks as bad as everyone has been saying it is

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@SirDancelot said:

@AssInAss: I laughed at that. Also. try holding your hands up to make little telescopes in front of your eyes that look in opposite directions. That's what that guy can see: two small windows, can't see straight in front of him.

So their blind spot is actually anything in front of them! XD

Posted by BisonHero

@hagridore said:

Muskrat running through the tripwire right after Jeff noticed it pretty much made my week.

You'd think a guy who was 4 or 5 times Jeff's level would be familiar enough with the game to know to avoid those, but nope! Hilarity ensues.

Posted by Hokucho

It's a shame they didn't know about a lot of the in-game mechanics. FOr instance everytime they thought that online palyer (Muskrat) was glitched up as a Spec Ops skin I shook my head. It's a skill Vector has to camoflague himself as a dead enemy. Just one example.

Posted by Nethlem

I'm confused...

I came here only knowing that the game got some really really bad press, so i expected the worst.

What i found didn't look that horribly "unfun" o_O

Let's be honest here: With a couple of friends this could be fun for a while. I can't say any more then that because Jeff's general "meh i don't care, there could be something. But i don't like it" attitude made it difficult to get any kind of feel for the depth of the game.

Let's also not forget that most people knew that this wouldn't be real "RE canon" or an "AAA" entry into the franchise.

The whole idea behind the game just sounded like awesome fanservice.

Playing on the Umbrella side had been an ultimate power fantasy for many RE fans since RE2's HUNK.

RE2's racoon city setting had been one of the most popular of the franchise, so combining all that with some cool coop gameplay and 3 way battles seems like an easy enough choice.

By now most people have grown up enough to realize that RE's survival horror formular from the original games has been lost. So why not revisit old memories with an new kind of gameplay? Sounds reasonable enough to me, especially considering that we have other RE games to look forward to that can try to resurect the "survival horror" times.

Posted by Talon64

@BisonHero said:

@Talon64 said:

"Look how cheap gas is!"

1998. High on zombies, cheap on gas.

It's hard to tell, but the pricing on that gas station sign might be because Slant 6 is based in Canada, and those prices are close to the price you would see on Canadian gas stations because we measure gas in liters.

I don't think gas prices were that cheap in the US, even back in the mid 90s when RE2 and RE3 were coming out.

I think those were the same prices at the STAGLA gas station in RE3.

Posted by dvorak

The hilarious dubstep behind them talking in the intro is incredible.

Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47

@Maajin said:

@the_r0n1n_named_47 said:

i dont know if this was already said... but HUNK's code name stands for Human Unit Never Killed.... anywho I bought the Collector's edition and i honestly dont regret it. granted there is some bugs and glitches... but that happens with any game... look at skyrim and that is an amazing game

What? If you're serious about Hunk's code name, I'm calling it the stupidest acronym in history. "Human Unit Never Killed", as opposed to every other human alive and capable of being a "human unit"? God!

yup Hman Unit Never Killed....at least thats what I found out it was, and never told other wise. you forget.. CAPCOM is a Japanese company sooooo yeah english is most likely not their best language (though they speak it in Japan as well)

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@zyn said:

@Grillbar said:

this game is so fucking bad. trust me i own it.

this game is really bad. i own it too.

I think the game is great I love and i own it, the special edition too.... 2 out of 3 folks prefer not to like it :P

Posted by Tsuchikage

The cover system can't be worse than the one in Mass Effect 3, button or no. Then again, Mass Effect 3 also has good stuff going it for like, whereas Operation Raccoon City has...shooting zombies.

Posted by Chaotic_Mind

I really dont know why games still have shitty cover systems there are so many examples where they nailed the cover system, for example deus ex HR had a good one and still some big developers team cant make games with a good cover system

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City: It's a Game.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Even as an RE fan I'm not touching this.

Posted by Bionix

love the game. fun with four friends. alone i agree do not play it

Posted by jakkblades

Anyone else bothered by hearing the collectible pick up noise in such a fast paced game?

Posted by Deusoma

Everyone knew this was going to be a half-assed multiplayer-focused shooter, so I didn't think a comment would be necessary, but I've gotta say, it's a weird feeling seeing real zombies feeling so bland and generic in a game from the very franchise that first utilized horror movie zombies and made them popular in gaming in the first place. I hope they do a better job of making them feel not-totally-done in Resident Evil 6.

Posted by hexenducted

I'm having a lot of fun with this game--since the multiplayer is so janky no one is playing it seriously. That lets those of us who are generally terrible at video games shine for just a few transcendant moments.

Posted by Hoshnasi


Is one of the my favorite game features.

"I cannot be bothers to acknowledge there are different ammo types for guns... I'll could in a PILE OF AMMO and get a generic pile image."

Posted by Matoyak

@Chaotic_Mind: Well, keep in mind that the Deus Ex: HR guys have said they worked on the cover system across the entire development cycle, and never stopped working on it. Cover systems seem to take quite a bit to make very good, kind of like a UI.

Edited by mewarmo990

Among other things, I still can't get over that squad name, Wolfpack. XD


edit: also how about that generic stock sound effect for Lupo's gun that's in probably every action movie in the past decade? wow.

Posted by supermonkey122

Jeff and Vinny: The Dynamic Duo

Posted by CurtMan2k7

if you're still on the fence, and are Resident Evil fans, watch the GameSpot.com Tournament they held, it's close to two hours or so and was on Valentines Day 2012, there's also a Zombie Wedding and Zombie make-up'd GameSpot crew was really interesting look, and had some of the Capcom crew there as Judges/Hosts....if you like the gamecube remakes of the psONE/psx games on the GameCube and or Remakes that might of hit the PS2/DreamCast/XboxOriginal and the bad controls up until Dream Cast's hit RE: CODE Veronica, then you might like this game, as the controls are like those games and they throw in a little SO-COMM Squad based stuff, but no control over your team mates, its basically a third-person Ghost Recon rip off or a rip off bad japanese version of Gears of War, if you like third person shooters with good controls with Japanese flare check out Binary Domain instead and wait for RE: 6 when that comes out, probably later this year sometime....


Posted by OwnU4eva

This has to be play co-op, would suc bad on your own.

Posted by AstroCow

@CurtMan2k7 said:

if you like third person shooters with good controls with Japanese flare check out Binary Domain instead

Binary Domain was a complete sleeper hit. Wasn't expecting that much fun.

Posted by machinerebel

Looks like Resident Evil: Left 4 Durrrr