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Posted by Masha2932

YES! My interest is instantly peaked with the mention of splitscreen.

Posted by namesonkel

Love the titles for videos wehn Jeff uploads them.

Posted by UberExplodey

I would like this game to be awesome.

Posted by bybeach

@Taklulas said:

@bybeach said:

Not meaning to be snarky (I guess I have been today) but why do the soldiers have to cover their faces like gangsters. That bothers me.

Because it's cool. Duh! :l

jakkbladeson March 30, 2012 at 12:40 p.m.

@bybeach said: blah blah blah

"They're fighting in desert environments where you don't want to be inhaling sand constantly" end quote

I accept this explanation, especially since my sound was disconnected and I could not hear the explanation. But I do not say you (Taklulas) are wrong either, in the intent.

Edited by G24S

Man, when I bought Splinter Cell: Conviction for about two years ago I also got an invitation to the multiplayer beta. Delayed much?

Posted by TCSRush

Looks alright, doesn't really look all that new though. FPS have been played out imo.

Posted by Zacagawea

That's a lot of HUD

Posted by HyperionXR

I'm down. I'm mostly all tapped out in terms of interest in military shooters, but this luckily looks to be taking it back into a tactical approach as opposed to run'n'gun. Plus, I really really loved Splinter Cell: Conviction, and while this isn't exactly the same game or exact genre, I have faith in Ubi.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette


Posted by RoyCampbell


Posted by Cybexx

I'm concerned about this game and often when I'm concerned for a game after watching gameplay footage I'm nearly always right. Hope I'm wrong.

Posted by aceofspudz

"You really have to address the psychological component"

Oh, I get it. Hearts and minds...

*solder guy on screen bashes an insurgent in the head*

Posted by DukesT3

Oh shit, this game is still a thing.

Posted by DaSmart1

What's the point of getting Special Forces advisers if you're just gonna make it a huge 4 on 100 one-squad-takes-on-the-world action game? Other than just to say you got Special Forces advisers.

Posted by reversethedevil

This sounds really really really great. Looks like a different approach to horde mode.

Posted by TheFatDetective

I had zero interest in this until I saw this video. This will be a day one purchase for me now. I know I'll play hours in this mode, just like I did with terrorist hunt in R6 Vegas. If the other modes are great then thats a bonus.

Posted by BisonHero

@griffo0 said:

I've no idea why Jeff is being a dick about this game. It hasn't even come out yet and he has so much negativity towards it.

I've hope for it.

I don't get it either. The graphics seem fine. It looks like the UI and gameplay isn't that far off from a Syndicate or Deus Ex Human Revolution; the only difference is the desert setting. Maybe Jeff has played it at events and it controls like total garbage?

The game looks sorta average, but I agree with you that I don't get why Jeff seems convinced it will be a throoughly bad game.

Posted by BisonHero

@DaSmart1 said:

What's the point of getting Special Forces advisers if you're just gonna make it a huge 4 on 100 one-squad-takes-on-the-world action game? Other than just to say you got Special Forces advisers.

The only reason you get Special Forces advisers is so you can make a trailer where you say "Yo, we got Special Forces advisers", and then idiots buy your game because they think "It got real Special Forces in it!" is some kind of defense against being called a fag.

Posted by honkyjesus

This looks like a product, not a game.

Posted by AlexanderHC

Please be good...

Posted by drumpsycho89

man! i hope this game will be good!!! 1 and 2 was awesome!!!! for the amount of time its been in development its better be good!!

Posted by the_red_mage

Octo camo much?

Posted by Nyhus

Wait, hours of pleasure? I think i like this game.

Posted by MrAriscottle

Whilst the trailer is marketing driven s**t, the game itself looks okay. I enjoyed GRAW and can't see any reason for me to dislike this despite the negativity.

Posted by AntoineDiamonds

I guess it's alright if you like Horde mode in GoW3

Posted by m0nty

A horde by any other name is still a horde.

Posted by revpeters

Did they just take the story line out of Gantz and put in a first person shooter?

Posted by krazy_kyle

I love how they try to make it sound more complicated than "Horde Mode" when it's just "Horde Mode".

Posted by AgentZigzag

Could. Not. Care. Less.

Posted by Nomadski

Call of Metal Gears of Solid War - The Game.

Also, Kinect.

Zero Gorillas.

Posted by MisterBananaFoam

Holy Toledo, this game is so freakin' slow. And this whole Guerilla Mode would be cool if you faced off against waves of human players, and whoever kills the leading team dethrones them and another team of four spawns, but this seems to be another generic Horde Mode. I'm gonna pass on this one.

Posted by Nethlem

@UnrealDP said:

@Three0neFive said:

@UnrealDP said:

I don't know; it totally looks fun, no matter what you call it. It's very obviously a variant of horde mode, but it still looks fun. Could we maybe stop using the word ripoff, people? Horde mode is popular and fun, so why are we chastising a developer for trying to include a variation of it?

Especially since Horde mode was just a ripoff of Quake's Invasion mode.

Exactly. Who wants to play the game of trying to trace the roots of a certain mode to figure out what's ripping off what? What the hell does that even accomplish?

I guess it's some kind of self-affirmation complex so Xbros can feel like they added something relevant to gaming besides fistbumps and making gaming the "new thing" for fratboys.

So when somebody tries to expand on something they consider "theirs" they have to piss all over it just to show how superior they are. I think that's kinda disgusting and just leads to people hampering innovation and creativity.

Because this looks cool enough and adds some gwar'ness to the whole thing by adding the stealth sections and score multipliers. Wish more games would actually do this instead of going the cheap route like ME3, because then we could finnaly get away from idiots going "Oh yeah it's horde mode from gears, gears did it better!!11"

Posted by UnrealDP

@Nethlem: Yeah, true enough on that, mate.