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Posted by caff31

i wish we could get some d&d arcade and aliens vs predator on xbox live arcade

Posted by Andy_117

For some reason I read it as "Lost Planet 3 is announced as Resident Evil 6," and thought some weird crossover shit was gonna go down. I'm not going to say I'm disappointed, since it makes no sense to merge those franchises whatsoever, but... there was potential, in my sleep-deprived, mania-addled inferred misread sentence. :(

Posted by Campbell000

That's a bad joke on that "This is Jimmy" caption Gertsmann. hahaha

Posted by Jackc8

Lost Planet 3 sounds interesting, but considering the recent history of Capcom, I'm certainly not holding my breath.

I've seen gameplay of DMC and the trailer for RE6, and neither look the least bit interesting.

Posted by Eyz

Some kickass news actually.

I'm even warming up to that new DMC. :)

I was expecting some new infos on Dead Rising 3...awww...

And this Lost Planet 3 looks amazing! A return to form, hopefully. I was really pumped for LP2, but somehow, never got to it... The return to a more LP1-setting and feel is a nice touch!

Posted by Parsnip

Haha, this is Jimmy.

Edited by ptys

So from what I gather Ada turned Chris's entire squad into mutants and so he wants to get revenge?... Look at the bomb with the needles in both trailers.

Posted by HerbieBug
@Nasar7 said:
RE 6 and Steel Battalion. Possibly Dragon's Dogma. Redeem yourself, Capcom.
Steel Battalion might turn out pretty neat, but that'd be entirely From Software's doing.  How good it is might be directly proportional to From's resistance to the cloying slather of mediocrity Capcom as publisher exudes.  
Posted by EndlessLotus

It's so obvious.

They're drunk-developing....

Posted by ProfessorK

@PerfidiousSinn: Apparently It sold a couple mil and I guess they figured why go with a character made by a guy who doesn't even work here anymore and the franchise doesn't ship that many units.

Posted by ProfessorK

@grbear: I loved the screams when you chopped off limbs! Bring on Agrippa!

Posted by scottygrayskull
If you get too close, an enemy may pounce on you, triggering a Quick Time Event of sorts that has Jim pull out his knife.

Oh god, PETA will have a field day with this one. It'll be Battlefield 3 all over again! D:

Posted by Liquidus

RE6 looks great. Still not at all convince DmC is gonna be worth my while.

Posted by TooWalrus

I'm actually stoked for all 3 of these games- can't wait.

Posted by Law313

@PerfidiousSinn said:

Mega Man Legends 3 gets canceled due to "lack of interest" but apparently enough people care about Lost Planet to justify a third game. Even after the second one was terrible


Come on, this is Capcom your talking about. They arent exactly on good terms with common sense.

Posted by CitizenJP

Gimme Mega Man and I'll start caring about Capcom again. ;P

Posted by Nasar7

RE 6 and Steel Battalion. Possibly Dragon's Dogma. Redeem yourself, Capcom.

Posted by akumous

I'll be honest, I hated the early builds of Dante's character but the recent build of the new DMC: Devil May Cry game is tenfolds better and I am willing to give the game a try despite Dante not having his traditional white air.

It is refreshing that Capcom is finally modernizing RE's controls because the controls of the past were ridiculous--the stop and shoot mechanic is laughable and doesn't work, that's why I didn't buy RE5 but rented it. As for the game in general, I am curious to see how things spans out but I am confident of it turning out well and being a classic hit.

As far as Street Fighter X Tekken goes, however, I've pretty much written off that game ages ago and I hope the poor sales coupled with enormous back lash from the fans teaches them a lesson of how to do business "properly."

Er, I don't know about Lost Plant because I haven't really gotten into that series but I am going to give it a rental once it comes out.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

As someone who liked Lost Planet 1 and 2, I'm interested to see what LP3 brings.

To be clear tho, I'm not saying either game was good in any technical way that would garner high scores or mass adoration. I just liked them like I like Escape From L.A., in that guilty pleasure, "I Like Shitty Things" kind of way.

Posted by Little_Socrates

Was hoping to read something in here that made me feel better about Capcom as a company from a business standpoint. Sadly, that did not come to pass.

Posted by Commisar123

DmC looks pretty neat still so that's cool

Edited by Itwastuesday

Over the past few years, let's say, since Bionic Commando Capcom era, I've always had the mental image of everything in their office being on fire all the time, with men in ties running every which way and their arms flung over their heads in panic. Of course, I don't know anything about Capcom internally, this is just he impression I get.

Posted by Vexxan

Finished RE5 last night with a friend and I could go for some more. The new trailer seems pretty good too.

Posted by Napalm
@zyn said:

Resident Evil 6's HUD looks fucked up.

Yeah, I don't... I don't think I really like the way it looks. Were they showing it as it was in the animation if coming on screen or what? it looks a little...  
I think I would have preferred a bare-bones heads-up display, honestly. Just a simple gun icon, ammo counter, grenade count and health count in a simple font lined up across one line.
Posted by kollay

DMC looks dope.

Posted by dropabombonit

This is the only preview I need on this event, you summed up everything pretty well. I can't wait for the new DMC game, looks great from the trailers

Posted by DeF

@Dr_Rofl said:

Foolish of me for thinking there may of been monster hunter news :(

one of the US Capcom dudes said on twitter or something that "MH news traditionally come out of Japan" but we "shouldn't be worried".

So expect more MH to come our way :)

Posted by Horrifying

@suicidepacmen said:

No word on Monster Hunter? Fuck this planet.


Posted by Dezztroy
@Skanker said:

I wish Lost Planet 3 was more like Lost Planet 2. I had a ton of fun with the game because of the barebones story and great co-op.

Same. I really, really hope the LP3 campaign will feature co-op. LP2 had some pretty damn amazing bossfights which were great experiences with friends.
Posted by Enai

Foolish of me for thinking there may of been monster hunter news :(

Posted by zyn

Resident Evil 6's HUD looks fucked up.

Posted by Winternet

Deadspacy looking HUD on RE 6.

Posted by paulunga

WOAH! Wait just a minute! Shadow of Rome was a terrific game. Of course I mean the Agrippa parts, no one liked the stealth sections. Anyway, I'd love to see a Shadow of Rome sequel and I'm sure Greg would agree with me: http://www.gamespot.com/shadow-of-rome/reviews/shadow-of-rome-review-6118093/

Posted by probablytuna

Sounds like Capcom has a list of potentially great games coming out in 2012. Sadly I'm not particularly interested in any of them.

Posted by Katkillad

No monster hunter?  I hope Capcom gets the cancer.

Posted by chickdigger802

This gif sums up captivate. Click to view.

Posted by RoyCampbell

So more fighting games and Resident Evil.
Thanks for the Ace Attorney news.

Posted by umdesch4

Dragon's Dogma? Let me remind you about one of the greatest moments in Giant Bomb history:

Posted by Diablochicken14

I find it odd that Capcom would go with the Unreal Engine instead of their internal MT Framework engine that they pimp every chance they get.

Posted by BigDaddy81

I was really hoping for some Dragon's Dogma coverage. Of all the games being released by Capcom this year, it's the only one that looks interesting to me.

And RIP Lost Planet franchise. You had potential.

Posted by Skanker

I wish Lost Planet 3 was more like Lost Planet 2. I had a ton of fun with the game because of the barebones story and great co-op.

Posted by honkyjesus

I am having a hard time getting excited about RE6, and I loved the last two. The DMC reboot looks pretty effing interesting.

Posted by needforswede

I don't have a Vita...fuckin' 19.99 for twelve characters? Honestly, if it were anyone but Capcom, I'd hate that. But fuck Capcom for knowing all my weaknesses. I just paid like...I dunno, 1.99 for Kazuya's alternate costume? And that was me exercising my best self-control...I almost paid for Sagat's as well. God I hope Dragunov appears playable on the Tekken side...and Yang (among others) on the Street Fighter side.


Posted by grbear

Shadow of Rome - one of the best hack-and-slash experiences in gaming.

That title deserves both a sequel and an HD remake.

This guy gets it. The stealth sucked but the combat was great.
Juicy tomato for life.
Posted by MadMagyar92

Who's idea up the chain-of-command decided that there needed to be another Lost Planet? How many chances do you give a game before you realize it just isn't posting the numbers necessary to continue?

Posted by ptys

Man if they killed off Claire I'd spit the dummy!.. Bet it's to do with Sheva. Anyway, all sounds pretty promising although I'm sure everyone will whinge when RE6 comes out and the characters can't... fly or something.

Posted by Jackel2072

other then steel battalion, nothing Capcom is doing at the moment has me all that excited.  

Edited by Zleunamme

I psych about Resident Evil 6. The things I don't like about it is that the logo for six looks like a mutated giraffe and the orientation of the HUD looks odd.

Edited by TheHBK

RE6, I guess including Leon should get people excited. But they don't show gameplay and they fuck it up by going with the dumb Wesker Jr angle. Why not just say they are after a vial of weskers blood? Instead they want to introduce a douchy looking guy. Look at that douchy hair.

Posted by thebigJ_A

@ABritishNerd said:

Dragon's Dogma is the only Capcom thing I'm really excited about at the moment.


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