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Edited by ptys

So from what I gather Ada turned Chris's entire squad into mutants and so he wants to get revenge?... Look at the bomb with the needles in both trailers.

Posted by Parsnip

Haha, this is Jimmy.

Posted by Eyz

Some kickass news actually.

I'm even warming up to that new DMC. :)

I was expecting some new infos on Dead Rising 3...awww...

And this Lost Planet 3 looks amazing! A return to form, hopefully. I was really pumped for LP2, but somehow, never got to it... The return to a more LP1-setting and feel is a nice touch!

Posted by Jackc8

Lost Planet 3 sounds interesting, but considering the recent history of Capcom, I'm certainly not holding my breath.

I've seen gameplay of DMC and the trailer for RE6, and neither look the least bit interesting.

Posted by Campbell000

That's a bad joke on that "This is Jimmy" caption Gertsmann. hahaha

Posted by Andy_117

For some reason I read it as "Lost Planet 3 is announced as Resident Evil 6," and thought some weird crossover shit was gonna go down. I'm not going to say I'm disappointed, since it makes no sense to merge those franchises whatsoever, but... there was potential, in my sleep-deprived, mania-addled inferred misread sentence. :(

Posted by caff31

i wish we could get some d&d arcade and aliens vs predator on xbox live arcade