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Posted by SixtyXCelph

Games this week:

  • Xbox 360 - Mass Effect
  • Game Boy - Pokemon: Blue Version

So! Playing plenty of Mass Effect. Going through it playing a complete Renegade and jerk-ass. Which is more difficult than I realized it would be. It's making me completely uncomfortable to be such an ass with the characters I love. Even the characters I don't love, sometimes the way my new Shepard goes about his interactions makes me uncomfortable. For instance, an early mission on the Citadel for a reporter, Emily Wong, where you can choose a Renegade option to intimidate her into giving you more money. Just the way he leans in and she turns away from him and how aggressive Shepard is makes me pretty uncomfortable watching it. But, hey, at least that means I'm not a bad person, right? It is getting easier, though, as I stop relating it to myself as a person and the choices I'd make, as I've done for all three games, and instead view it as a character I'm playing. It's making it way easier.

And then, more Pokemon! I'm currently in Mt. Moon, catching Pokemon and naming them appropriate nicknames and leveling up my current team. It consists of a Butterfree named Monarch, a Bulbasaur named Fluffy, a Nidoran-M named Rex, a Pikachu named Train, a Paras named Sector, and a Pidgey named Rock. Good times, good times. Wicked nostalgia.

And that's been it so far. More to come next week!