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Posted by loppys9

I think that being tired is natures way of keeping you from "disposing" of your little bundle of joy. If you were rested and alert enough to realize what they're putting you through well... Congrats and enjoy.

Posted by superst3ve

Congratulations Vinny! Can't wait to have you back on the Bombcast, but enjoy these precious days while you're still out!

Posted by Freefall1025

Awesome and congrats!!

Posted by rudyarr

Good to see you again Vinny!

Also did that hat remind anyone of Smalls from The Sandlot?

Posted by sofakingstewpit

Cute kid. Also, I love Vinny's video editing skills. He's just so damn good.

Posted by Renegade1973

Congrats Vinny

Posted by metal_mad

it's a mini vinny. congrats duder

Posted by AdMordem

Unlimited Vinnies vs the Unlimited Credits

Posted by n8

This was so excellent. Thanks for posting.

Posted by serverfull

Congrats. I have 3 kids. Be super excited you work where you do because I don't get much time to play games anymore. DAMNIT OLD AGE!!

Posted by LastNinja

Congrats on the kid Vinny. Regarding your editing woes, have you ever considered trying sony vegas pro? I found it relatively cheap, but nonetheless powerful.

Posted by Bitronix


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Congrats Vinny. :) Wishin' you and your family all the best.

Posted by pweidman

First. Awesome video Vinny.

Second. Man you look tired. :)

So good to hear from you though duder.

I've recently vicariously gone through the new baby thing, w/a good friend recently, and I totally get how grueling it can be.

Anyway, congrats for sure, and I can't wait to hear you back on the Bombcast as well as see how you're able to get things sorted at work.

You have been missed!

Posted by Pat

Congratulations, Vinny

Posted by SAPDADDY

Congrats Vinny. Next time wear a rubber!

Posted by fatalbanana

Congrats Vinny best of luck to you and your family

Posted by ophanin

Good to see Vinny back, but I do not think I have ever seen someone look so... exhausted before.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

Vinny's new art film.

Posted by ffdthree

I have the strangest feeling of excitement that we may be here to see King Caravella grow up.

Posted by MCXCI

Congratulations Vinny! So glad to see everything is going well and it's great to have you back!

Posted by Jedted

Congrats on havin the kid, Vinny! Hope Jess is doing well too!

Is it just me or does Max look pissed off in that last shot?

Posted by Alcamin

Congratulations Vinny, and best of luck for the future! I hope you will be able to get some decent sleep before to long. Looks like you need it.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

I'm on a vacation sitting on my ass and barely touching any games, he's maintaining a new born baby and has played three long challenging games.. 
Did he say he put 70 hours into one Deus Ex playthrough?

Edited by mr_shoeless

Wow, Vinny looks tired.

Take care of that kid Vinny! Someday he'll be old enough to talk smack about you and buy beer with a fake ID. And then you will look back on this video with fondness... :-)

Posted by drew327

Great stuff thanks vinny

Posted by samcotts

Congrats Vinny <3

Posted by darkdragonmage99

Vinny is a family man now  and now he understand how horrible having a baby in the house is.  
look on the bright side I'm dealing with 3 you think you can't get any sleep just try that. 

Posted by djhicks1

Great video Vinny Caravella. I'll probably be in this situation in a couple of years. Showing my wife tonight.

Posted by DataLore

My daughter is nine months old and those first two weeks are a blur. I served in the military, and the least amount of sleep I ever got was when we had our kid. I definitely sympathize. But, it's worth it the first time they smile when you walk in the room.

Posted by LiK

The ultimate Endurance Run.

Posted by CakeBomb

Vinny, just breastfeed him while you play! Congrats, hope you survive!

Posted by Paindamnation

There should be a quest for most girls commenting on a GB video ever. Plus Vinny looks like Gerard Butler in 300.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

How did I ever miss this? Congrats Vinny, you seem really tired and I cant imagine what it would be like....

Posted by AllanIceman

Aww Vinny an' Max!

Posted by Batmeng

you have what it takes to be a great dad.

Posted by TheMThanded

Great video. Congrats Vinny.

Posted by Yagami

Max?! I thought the boys name was Rex. >.> Crrrap... I blame Patrick... He said Max's name was Rex.

Posted by KlUMZeE

Congratulations Vinny! I'm sure you'll make a great father... just don't play Dark Souls while the kid's in the room or you may traumatize him with your cursing.

Posted by Forcen

How the hell did i miss this video?

Posted by nobull6

Need more videos about your fatherhood! My son is now two and everything you're saying brings me back to those good old days.

Posted by Kucheeky

Yeah, wtf how did I miss this.

Posted by TinyGrenade

Congrats Vinny! Always nice to see you doing well and being awesome! (Also Phil Fish would lose a lot of hair hearing Fez is "buggy" just a fun image to think about)

Posted by Aegon

Wow, this is like a Vinny Vlog. This would be a very cool regular feature, but Vinny's a busy dude so I'm not sure if he can manage it.

Posted by super2j

the way this video was produced was so pleasant. I would not mind seeing a bit more of this kind of stuff once every couple of months.

Posted by fossas

What is the name of the dubsteb-ish song that plays in this video?????

Posted by TheHT

@DanHammett said:

What is the name of the dubsteb-ish song that plays in this video?????

sounds like it could be a remix of "Aerodynamic" by Daft Punk.

Posted by core1065

Max is gonna be tall when he gets older. His hands are huge.

Edited by tanjamwil

He has Vinny's nose for SURE.

Posted by LandonRobinson

Classy vid, still love it!