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Posted by Sayishere

Jar-less time with Vinny?

But seriously, come back Vinny, missed you! glad everything is ok with the baby!

Posted by Mogoping


Posted by shway

Big Daddy Vinny keeping it real!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Wild man Vinny! His kid already looks like him! Such a cute baby :3

Posted by Aviont

you make cute babies

Posted by jpe

Awesome. Good to get an update from you Vinny and I'm glad things are going well (other than lack of sleep).

Posted by spacekatgal

God, this looks awful to go through. I work in game development, and our lead animator is out on maternity leave. This really helped me understand where she is right now. Scary.

Posted by Little_Socrates

This was really very sweet. Thanks so much, Vinny.

Posted by Vitor

My new favourite video on the site. That was strangely heart-warming. Good to see Vinny back!

Posted by heatDrive88

Awh, missin' Vinny.

Posted by Christoffer

You look terrible, Vinny, you should get some slee... o that's right.

Glad to see your face again, though.

Posted by Fontelroy

Wow, awesome video. Also, glhf with your new baby Vinny!

Posted by HaltIamReptar

The Dark Times are finally over. Vinny's back!

Posted by poisonmonkey

Thank you Vinny, that was great.

Posted by BonOrbitz

Welcome back Vinny!

Posted by Strife777


Look at that beard man!

Posted by Blackmoore

Vinny is such a damn good editor. And a boss. And a tired father.

Posted by beef_melody

Cool vid/kid. Waiting for the inevitable Dave and Vinny Grimrock QL!

Posted by Matterless

Congratulations and thanks for checking in, Vinny!

Posted by SquirrelGOD

They need to set up a cot in an office for the poor bastard. He needs his sleep! That said, good to see you back, Vinny! Congratulations on the next-gen Caravella!

Posted by Claude

I don't have a child, but it sounds like being a caregiver. My wife's health sucks and she can act like a baby. I never get a good night's sleep and my days and nights are all mixed up.

Posted by Driam


Posted by rahulricky

Awesome, Vinny's back! And he brought Maximiliano to show him his kingdom #awimbawe

Posted by plop1920

The people love you vinny!

Posted by Mruk63

Thanks Vinny!

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire


Edited by I_smell

I love that the difference between the video editing on this, and on Jeff's.

He timed "Final Cut Pro 10" with a heavy drop at 03:30 lol

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Congrats Vinny, all the best to you, the Mrs and the little one!

Posted by jjnen

This was great, Vinny! I guess another update like this in about nine months?

Posted by emem


Posted by drowsap

VINNYS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shivoa

Great video, this is why we love GB.

Welcome back Vinny (and obviously to repeat: gz).

Posted by ashbash

Fantastic video Vinny!

Posted by datarez

I enjoyed this Vinny update and completely approve.

Edited by Rabid619

Aw that was very heartwarming. Congrats, Vinny, hope it gets at least a little easier.

Posted by rcath

I have 4 kids. 1 kids sounds like a vacation.

Posted by Soap

So nice to see this stuff from Vinny, we really have no right to know anything about his life outside of the office at all and the fact that he is happy to share it with us is great. :)

Get some sleep Vinny!

Posted by Daveyo520

Congrats on being a dad Vinny!

Posted by Raye

Thanks for the update, Vinny and congratulations! :D

Posted by Moloney

Awww indeed.

Posted by Philzpilz

I was about to say Vinny is the best thing about this site, but truth be told, that honour now falls to Max

Posted by OleMarthin

a great video. he should teach Jeff to edit video:P WELCOME BACK VINNY!

Posted by thatdutchguy

Jar Time with Vinny !  
make it happen  

Posted by Pozo

Adorable kid! Congrats. Also he really has your nose.

Posted by NoobSauceG7

Great to see you Vinny! Good luck with Max!

Posted by vmehnert

Vinny is still the best thing about Giant Bomb - congrats and get back to us soon!

Posted by Nev

Heh, super nice to see an update from you Vinny. Looking forward to seeing more content with you soon!

Posted by yyZiggurat

Rayman O only had one QA (just for translation?), that is weird

Posted by jmood88

The beginning of this looked like the opening of an indie movie.

Posted by RecSpec

Awesome video Vinny, good to see you back!