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Posted by SoothsayerGB

Feels longer than 2 weeks.

Posted by Hichael

Is this the start of a "Jar time" with Vinny? Hope you get better sleeps Vinbro.

Posted by Anim8td_fan

Congrats to you and your wife Vinny and you've been surely missed around here.

Also, those credits are suuuuuper long. wow.

Posted by Packie

We missed you Vinny!

Posted by JohnnyMcmillen

This video was really awesome,

Posted by therealminime

This is a really, really great website. Thanks Vinny.

Posted by MAJID

I love you Vinny. Now every podcast is a "Dad-cast"

Posted by Silver-Streak

Woah, anyone know what's playing around 3:40 on?

Posted by rmanthorp


I actually love you and you are the best.

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Posted by geekbot

Glad to see both papa and baby are doing well. :)

Posted by Ben_H

Vinny! He's alive!

Posted by Khalis

That was so awesome! Thank you Vinny. Stay strong brother.

Posted by FoxMulder

Loved Deus Ex as well, but I did get really sick of the hacking mini-game too...

Posted by MadLaughter

Awesome Vinny, good luck in fatherhood and glad to have you back soon!

Posted by Neurotic

It's like the Vinny equivalent of Jar Time. With editing.

Holy hell, he looks tired though. Good luck, dude.

P.S. 'It's like Dave Snider became a video game' - Best video game ever.

Posted by Troncek

Lol, awesome. Grats Vinny!

Posted by Chippy180

The return of Mufasa Vinny! Sort of. Man that cap is squished.

Posted by mattman734

Awesome video, Thanks Vinny.

Posted by totriz

Great to see you back Vinny. I thought the same thing last year when my son was born. Why are they letting us go home with a newborn baby?

For Us it became a lot easier after the third month when our son decided he would sleep all night long, best of luck to your family.

Posted by Residentrevil2

Good to see you, Vinny! Great video!

Posted by FCDRandy

Cute kid, good on ya.

Posted by MrAWESOME247

YAY Vinny is back!!!

Posted by lclay

Yay Vinny!

Posted by Hizang

That was a loverly video Vinny, congratulations Max looks adorable.

Posted by Winternet

Vinny! Great to see you, even though you look tired as fuck.

That said, 70h+ on DE:HR? Jesus Christ, dude.

Also, I hope you get on this week's bombcast. You have a lot to talk about and I would love you to be part of the Fez discussion that will surely happen.

Vin-dawg is back!

Posted by jonnybob

My girlfriend and I are expecting in October, my first, not sure what to expect, entertaining nonetheless, congrats Vinny!

Posted by Shaanyboi


Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Man Vinny looks so tired. But he still make a video to keep us up to date...and an awesome video at that. Well done Vinny

Posted by Sammo21

Congratulations Vinny!

Edited by Mr_Skeleton

This was awesome, Vinny should get new babies more often.

Posted by Cybexx

Thanks for the video Vinny and its good to see you managed to get some gaming in between taking care of your son. No rush to get back, I'm sure the rest of the crew are still at least a week away from going feral.

Posted by bobeth

That manly beard...

Posted by Kear

Thanks for that video, Vinny. Congratulations.

Posted by Hef

You just sound out of breathe the whole time

Posted by nohthink

"He doesn't really react... He just sleeps and poops..." LOL

Posted by Tondo

Gongrats Vinny ! and welcome back ! Hope we get to some kinda quicklook of Grimrock some day as it looks awesome.

Posted by evilrazer

His kid is so cute! Glad to see Vinny back in the business!

Posted by triviaman09

Congrats to Vinny and his wife. Here's to hoping they can get some sleep soon, though. Vinny looks tired as all hell.

Posted by sonicrift

OMG it's a tiny Vinny!

Posted by DefAde

Brother looks rough... Hang in there duder, things will get easier.

Posted by Eviternal

Love to you, your partner and Max!

Take as long as you need; Giant Bomb can wait. That said, thanks for the video/insight!

Posted by Max21

Vinny :D

Edited by periahdark

I've been using Final Cut for years. I tried out Final Cut Pro X when it first came out and I hated it. Recently I heard about the updates so I decided to give it another go. I ended up loving it. (Especially when I ran it on a newer machine. Mine is pretty old so it didn't run well when I first tried it). All I have to say is that while it does take some time to get used to, it's worth the learning experience. Editing feels much faster. One video I did took half the time it normally would have in FCP7. I think Apple has a clear goal with FCPX, and are committed to keeping it the pro level app it's supposed to be. It is just some bad PR at this point that they have to recover from, but I have a good feeling FCPX will be one of the best editing applications in the near future. I'm transition all my stuff to FCPX now (I was heavily considering Premiere before I gave FCPX another try).

tl:dr: Vinny, play with FCPX a bit more. It takes getting used to but worth it in the end.

Posted by JD183

You look too fresh. Set the alarm a bit earlier.

Posted by Mr_JPeps

Great to have you back Vinny! Hope You, the Wife, & Max are doing well!

This means Max is the new Cool Baby, right? Get him some shades!

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Vinny Tiredvella

Posted by AlmostSwedish

Having Vinny stare into my eyes for 14 minutes compensates for the two weeks of absence.

Happy baby!

Posted by GinjaAssassin

Premo Vinny!

Posted by Insectecutor

Congrats Vinny, nice video, missed you on the site!

Edited by fr0y0

You know when people say "Looks just like mommy/daddy!" about babies? Yea, I could hardly ever see it. But god damnit if Max doesn't have your nose, Vinny :D