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Posted by PLWolf

As how tired you feel, just imagine that x3 infants. I don't even remember sleeping when my wife had the Triplets.

Posted by Wasara88

Vinny you are Awesome. Keep it up. More vinny coffee jar videos.

Posted by Jimbot

It wouldn't be an Ubisoft game without ten hours worth of credits.

Posted by chrispti

Congrats to (a tired looking) you and your wife! Glad to see max is a healthy little guy. Thanks for the update. See you in the office soon.

Posted by aznan

Vinny! How we've missed you

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

This video is amazing.

Posted by Aaron_G

Good to hear from Vinny! New series! Baby time with Vinny!

Posted by BrianP

Vinny #1

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

This video took me back to my sons first month. The look in his eyes. The longing for sleep. The acceptance that you won't get the sleep that you want. Pushing past that point and manning the F up because you're a daddy now and you gotta do what you've got to do....Good to see you back Vinny. Glad to see that you've got a healthy boy on your hands as well. Congrats.

Posted by RobDaFunk

Mega Congrats Vinny, be great to see ya back in the office with the gang.....

Posted by joshthebear

YES! Man Vinndog looks tired as all hell.

Posted by JoshC

The Italian Stallion rides again!

Posted by Grondoth


Also, the beard looks really good on you.

Posted by fistfullofcats

Congrats Vinny! Mine is due in 2 weeks...

Posted by eulogize_my_baked_goods

Hey, it's a mini-vinny! Congratulations, the kid looks adorable.

Aaaannnnnnnnnd... sleep.

Posted by andrewf87462

It's good to see that all is well with the baby, apart from the lack of sleep.

Posted by SSully

Damn the production on this video was top notch! Very enjoyable.

Also congrats again on the baby Vinny, he looks good!

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

:O why is Vinny upside-down and blue? I'm scared to press play :O

Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans

That was an awesome surprise! Yay Vinny!

Posted by Greenshoes

Vinny seems, tired.

Posted by lightsoda


Posted by GunslingerPanda

VINNEHHHHHH! He looks exhausted. Nice of him to do this video for us.

Posted by Mijati

@fr0y0 said:

You know when people say "Looks just like mommy/daddy!" about babies? Yea, I could hardly ever see it. But god damnit if Max doesn't have your nose, Vinny :D


Max is so awesome he's already got the "Got your nose!" trick down, awesome!

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Vinny's ability to play so many games while having a baby makes me feel dopey for oftentimes thinking I'm too busy to play games while in college

Posted by Tofford

God bless you for doing this Vinny. Can't believe you still thought of all us nutters when you have so much going on.

Posted by the_great_skenardo

Ladies and gentlemen, the most likeable man in games, the gentle Italian giant, Mr. Vinny Caravella is returned!

Posted by RE_Player1

Congrats Vinny but you gotta get that little guy working at Giant Bomb. Maybe start him off just doing quick look and news but once he gets settled do a father son endurance run.

Posted by fenixDG

Good to have you back dude.

Btw, does anyone know what track is on in the background around 4 minutes in?

Posted by Crono

Grats Vinny. I mean on beating all those games... I guess the kid is a big deal too though! :D

Posted by wapostyle

The funny thing is having a newborn is he EASIEST part of having a kid. It only get more and more difficult. Then it goes QUAD DAMAGE when your wife decides she wants the second kid. Two kids is literally 4x the work, not 2x as you would logically expect.

Posted by porr


Posted by mrangryface

Grats Vinny!

Posted by joelalfaro


Posted by VibratingDonkey


Posted by paulunga

I love you Vinny. Please never change.

Posted by StrikeALight

Dude, just awesome. You have way more on your plate than me, and yet still manage some gaming goodness.

Will be glad to have you back!

Posted by johncallahan

Heavily bearded Vinny is an awesome Vinny.

Also major props, one of the only guys I know who will take two weeks away from work to deal with a kid and STILL make content for said work. A champ among men. Oh and Max is freaking adorable.

Posted by Peetabix

Great to see Vinny, damn he looks tired.

We never had a problem when my son was born, he always slept through the night 99% of the time. Figured that timing his feeding so that he became sleepy when we wanted to go to bed helped alot.

Posted by LostFlock

Congrats Vinny!

Posted by JJOR64


Posted by Telemekos

Mini Vinny!!!

Posted by MeAuntieNora


Posted by papercut

Yay for Vinny, but, man. Poor poor Vinny...

Edited by NickL

@SleepyDoughnut said:

Vinny's ability to play so many games while having a baby makes me feel dopey for oftentimes thinking I'm too busy to play games while in college

At least that's better then being too busy to go to class because of video games. (A problem that I often have.)

Edited by munnyman5

@ApuZ said:


I second this question. The drop was timed perfectly. "Final Cut... *BWEEOO* *WUB* Ten."

And I think Justin McElroy said it best: "SUCH a dope baby." Hang in there!

When I hear the awesome name you chose for him, I hear "Introducing, the first President of the United States Moon Base - a joint project with GiantBomb Industries Zaibatsu - Massimilano Rex Caravella!"

Posted by dr_mantas

I'm glad that Vinny found the time to do this video. It's awesome that he's doing well.

Posted by joachimo

Good stuff Vinny, don't worry TOO much about the office - get some rest so we can get Vinny at a 100% soon!

Posted by TurboMan

Awww... look at that baby!

Posted by Jayzz

Max is adorable, congrats! 
Vinny you're awesome!
This video is awesome!
Great video.

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Looks like he walked out of the woods.