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Posted by geirr

If this seemingly direct port job sells amazingly, maybe the third installation of the series will get a more PC-awesome effort? I don't know, but I'm buying it either way just to support them - and to die, a lot, again!

Posted by MoseSSesoM

I really hope the stuff they add comes to the PS3/360 regardless of how little it maybe.

Posted by mscupcakes

It's aptly named.

Posted by zaglis
@shieldb said:

  • FPS lock
  • No real effort on keyboard + mouse controls (PS3/360 controls are solid, but still no effort?)
Dark Souls PC. Most disappointing release of 2012.
Dark Souls could have benefited so much from a proper M&K support but this just makes it sound like mouse movement is dead on arrival (acceleration, smoothing, input lag, all that good shit) and it won't support fucking rebinds. What the fuck.
Posted by White

I'm gonna get mods for my Gaping Dragon so it'll EXTRA look like a Vagina Dragon.

Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray

@Andy_117 said:

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@AiurFlux said:

I understand why they're using Games For Windows Live, being that it will most likely make it easier to port since FROM probably has a limited budget and team to do it. But that sure as shit doesn't mean I have to like that awful service. Anyone who actually knows a damn thing would rather have it on Steam over GFWL.

I've had nothing but problems with GFWL. CTD's, updates not finishing, saves getting corrupted on multiple games multiple times, etc. But perhaps the most preposterous thing is the region blocking that GFWL employs. In the year 2012 there's region blocking? On the internet? What in the fuck? This is why piracy exists, because pirates can provide a better service than some* of these stupid suits can.


Sadly, everyone except GOG do the region blocking thing, including the beloved Steam. There's a frighteningly huge amount of sites on the web doing it - and the number is growing (as regional blocking was harder to do 10 years ago).

I believe that Steam's region blocking is due to how many people import PC games from Russia due to their staggeringly low prices. It's not region blocked by country, though, rather by region (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.), and even then, there are a lot of ways around it - getting a Russian account to gift a game to an American account, (and this is also a way to secure uncensored or unrated games in countries like Germany and Australia). GFWL is much, much more strict, to the point where you can barely buy games across the border, let alone across the continent.

I totally didn't say this; in fact, this entire statement is but an illusion of your depraved, degenerate mind; but there's a very easy-fix around for Steam, GFWL and Origin; even any region-blocked websites in this regard; and that'd be using a proxy-server through an interface à-la "Your Freedom" and a programme that forces an application to connect through said proxy-server with specified rules à la "Proxy Cap". And it isn't even illegal! Yet morally wrong and as such I've never actually purchased a game for a lower price from another region.. But I do recall saying "Fuck you, CD Project Red if you think I'll wait 2 more weeks for the European release date of The Witcher 2!", last year and just played it on the american release date. I live in Switzerland.

A momentary lapse, CD Project Red, everyhing I do.. I do for you.

I've used this method numerous times in work-related endeavours, (IT Specialist by trade) and it works well. I also recently heard some fellow online used a similair method to use his US account of Stacraft 2 to play on European servers. The things you can do with computers these days, eh, fellas?

Getting back to the game; I played too much of Dark Souls.. Far, far, far too much. And now extra-content beckons, a stable frame-rate; a better-looking game as a whole. MODS, SODDING MODS! Where's that "shut up and take my money" picture stashed...

Posted by DBHErazor

I am so ready for this game as long as it´s not GFWL!

Posted by spaghettitime

Prepare to Die edition is properly named; just as I thought my succubus of a PC had sucked every hour possible out of my life FromSoftware comes along and drops this 120 hour long handjob into my lap

Posted by dbene

I'm an ardent rpg fan, and I soooo wanted to love Dark Souls, but so far I just haven't been able to finish it. I just don't get the extreme love it. All the way down to the graphics and gameplay I just can't "feel" this game like everyone else. It almost feels like an underground PC style game from 8 years ago....no choices matter, the story is nearly nothing, and everything is left in the dark. I plan on giving it another try this summer, but so far I am at a loss to understand the lovefest.

Posted by templewulf

@dbene: The world is less interested in being theatrical than it is in being cohesive. Few characters can or are willing to exposit for you so the story seems thin on the surface, but you get more out of it with each playthrough. Especially if you're reading the lore on the items.

If you dig around enough, the actual plot is brilliant, but From is as unwilling to hold our hands here as they are in gameplay.

Posted by therepublicanguy

Everyone hates GWFL; I want my damn achievements!

Posted by Sporkbane


Posted by Brackynews


Still, I think they could've had more fun with it.

Posted by FoolishChaos

I coulden't play fallout probably 25% of the time because GFWL would just get stuck trying sign in forever.

Not cool, but not a deal breaker when it comes to dark souls.

Edited by coaxmetal

I don't think the 30 fps comment should be on this video, afaik that hasn't been confirmed by any reliable source, has it? I mean they said they aren't redoing the graphics for the PC version, but that doesn't mean they are capping the framerate or resolution.

Posted by AV_Gamer

So Dark Souls is coming to the PC. That's great news. Now I get to see what everyone is talking about. If only they brought the last two Gears or War games to the PC. Maybe another date.

Posted by Tophat666

I've been thinking about getting a new computer anyway, & this no joke might be the thing that tips me over to geting a gaming pc over a new Mac.

Posted by Xpgamer7

I just bought Demon's souls. I really really didn't want to but with the servers down and all...

Posted by Lifestrike

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


*Added new equipment, spells, and areas.

*Added four more kings to the boss of New Londo. It is now known as Eight Kings.

Posted by villacooly09

Did he just flip that dude off?