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Posted by fallingskyline

so skate 3 is pretty much dead with no fourth part to the series in sight since ea claims it to be a niche game, that doesn't bring any profit or whatsoever. i don't think the franchise should be thrown overboard like that, since skate gives you a toolbox for making videos / machinima or whatever you wanna call it. you can basicly do anything you want in the game, obviously you can skate but there are many other things to do like pretending to be wingsuit jumping ;) i personally find it somehow sad, that ea is letting down so much people that love that franchise, and still play that games on daily basis, it has a fanbase, who is willing to pay for every crappy dlc and did so, buying the game twice or more due to broken discs and stuff closing with a little video to show my love for the game and to show that you can have tons of fun with the game even when not "skating"...

fake dream lines