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Posted by Cday

raggedy-ass carpet not included

Posted by Phatmac

Hey guys? Why don't we just go outside and play regular basketball instead of buying money on this shit?

Posted by phampire

anyone stupid enough to buy this will probably break their tv at some point.

Posted by BlatantNinja23

you know what..... I'll play this

Posted by PAPI_D_187

@devil_spawn666 said:

please please please do a QL of this. PLEASE!

Better yet how about a one-on-one tournament between the Giant Bomb crew?

Posted by MayorFeedback


Posted by hbkdx12

Don't know which is worse, the concept or the name

Posted by tyler1285

So is the rapper in this video the same one from that Rebecca Black song?

Posted by CrashTanuki

I was expecting this to be a Midway/WB game, not Majesco.

Edited by HBK619

So from the slightest and I mean SLIIIIIIIIGHTEST bit of footage you can see on the TV at one point. This is Guitar Hero but with a Basketball? 

Quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever seen. So damn dangerous too, how many people have a floor that is a) Suited to a basketball being bounced on it and b) Have a 360/TV/Kinect that isn't too close to your play area that any potential lost ball wouldn't go flying and breaking something. 

I don't dislike what this is doing because it's Kinect, I don't dislike what this is doing because it is downright STUPID!
Someone is going to lose hundreds of dollars worth of tech because of a stupid game.

Posted by aseddon130

ball sold seperately?

This looks like shit, even if we didn't see any gameplay it simply looks dumb. I have carpet in the room i play my consoles im pretty sure a ball can't bounce on that shit ... mind you, i know i can't even bounce a basketball.

Posted by GeneralBison

Ummm, what happened to Microsoft not wanting objects to be used with Kinect? "You are the controller", remember? (What a load of shit)

Posted by porr

Atleast they have busta killin it on the theme!

Posted by DrJota

@Daruna: Only if you want to bring about the end of the world as we know it.

"Real ball,real skill,real hole in your TV"

Edited by Lurkero

Where is the line, Kinect!?

(also, not even gonna show the game?)

Posted by Clubvodka

Couldn't quite make out the logo on that basketball. The camera didn't linger on it long enough.

Posted by ApolloBob

Not as dangerous as World Peace upside your friggin head.

Posted by Seraphim84

I wanna xbox basketball peripheral.

(No, I really don't. Please don't)

Posted by Mister_Snig

If the Space Jam theme song isn't featured, then this game doesn't deserve to exist.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

If this works, it could be pretty neat.


So that's Common narrating and Busta rapping? Basketball? Kinect makes me sad.

Posted by RandomInternetUser


Posted by Zleunamme

No game play footage is shown. Dribbling the ball between the legs over and over again in a stationary position is boring. It has been said before but rather then spend money on that "game". The money could be use to buy an actual ball or decent pair of sneakers. It's okay to go play outside get some fresh air. There are better ways to teach people how to play basketball and this is not one them. JaVale McGee would be perfect cover athlete for this game.

Posted by Robo

You could replace dangerous with "stupid" and NBA Baller Beats with the name of pretty much every Kinect game and save yourselves some time titling these Kinect trailers.

Posted by HadesTimes

@sublime90 said:

OR just take your "real ball" and "real skills" and go outside and play real basketball?

Yeah, this is REALLY silly. I can't believe they chose THIS idea when they have kept people from using objects this ENTIRE time.

Posted by jorbear


Posted by Hef

lol who puts out a teaser trailer for a shitty basketball kinect game? Not to mention this is just a terrible idea. Why would you want to practice dribbling in your living room? Maybe if you lived in the heart of the city where you don't really have much space? I guess?

Posted by phantomzxro

So...can i have the soundtrack and give you back the game Microsoft?

Posted by evanbower

And when I set up my 360 in a gymnasium, they laughed at me!

Posted by TheSouthernDandy




Edited by oafhamper

@Daruna said:

But can you Chaos Dunk?

Don't even suggest that, it's too dangerous.

Posted by zeekthegeek

What if people have carpets in their living rooms...?

Posted by Grilledcheez


Posted by tweetspot

so, you are saying that...ummmm, you didn't want people using anything other than themselves as "the controller" and that you changed your mind for this? did i get that right?

Posted by rudyarr

he's on fire!!!!

but really...no gameplay shown? Not that I cared for it anyways, but what kinda trailer is this?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Great, now I want a basketball-centric rhythm game.

Posted by Lingxor

I'll give them credit for not throwing "Kinect" in the title.

Posted by vikingdeath1

@Sweep: It'a gonna be beautiful

Posted by FunExplosions

Awesome. Hope my upstairs neighbors get this game.

Posted by RecSpec

Good to see the NBA Ballers franchise is alive and kicking (dribbling?)

Posted by TinoXtreme

Common does some good narration I tell you that. But seeing how the kinect can hardly read sways, this is going to be a mechanics nightmare trying to read the ball and dribble motions.

Posted by BigChickenDinner

I'm a human and what is this?

Posted by manbot47

so with not a single shot of gameplay shown i'm guessing you buy an empty box that lets you bounce a ball in front of your tv

Posted by vinsanityv22

So, I just looked up the developer - HB Studios - and apparently they're sports games veterans? Except they've done a whole lot of sports US gamers don't care about. EA has a Cricket franchise? Or Rugby? Yup, and HB Studios have been developing them for years.

Maybe this won't be awful then?

Oh, but it IS nice to see Kinect finally recognize an actual object. I remember the Natal video where the kid held up a skateboard to use in-game. I think it's stupid that no Kinect game yet - especially Kinect Star Wars - lets you use an object. Even just holding up a cardboard tube to use as a lightsaber makes more sense than waving your empty hand around.

Edited by HBK619
@vinsanityv22 said:

So, I just looked up the developer - HB Studios - and apparently they're sports games veterans? Except they've done a whole lot of sports US gamers don't care about. EA has a Cricket franchise? Or Rugby? Yup, and HB Studios have been developing them for years.

Maybe this won't be awful then?

Having played most of HB Studio's efforts...I wouldn't put anything into them being a sports dev that means this game could be decent.
Their general sports games are generally crap-average, so what will a rhythm sports game be. :| 
Cricket 07 is probably their best game, even then...
Their latest effort, Rugby World Cup 2011 was worse than the other Rugby Game (Rugby Challenge) that came out not long after, was also woefully lacking in content.
Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Hey it's Common

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Yeah, let's have a people play with an actual basketball because nothing could possibly go wrong.

Posted by devil_spawn666


do this!

Posted by StriderNo9

Not that I love the Kinect but I would like to do some dribbling drills and this does the trick.

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