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Posted by Animasta

kickin song

Posted by selbie

Lemme guess, it has a Z Rank

Posted by megalowho

The stand better be included

Posted by Video_Game_King

@fargofallout said:

Do people in other countries think things produced in our country are as weird as we think this is?

Yes, they do. Every country thinks every other country is weird and they're the only normal ones.

Posted by SamuelLBronkowitz

Quick suggestion Sony. When you send your friends wake up calls they should begin as very soft, almost inaudible whispers and then slowly progress into harsh hisses in dead languages all stacked on top of each other. Then, when they pick up their Vita in terror and confusion it cuts to that cute little game. Now everyone is wide awake and paranoid for days! Yeah! Japan!

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Guys, this is a trailer for a clock app, right? I'm not crazy, am I? That's weird, right?

Posted by MeatSim

Eat it Nintendo Fun Club.

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Posted by WMWA

What in the entire fuck?

Posted by DukesT3

So cray.

Posted by Korwin


Posted by Rudeboy217

Good Morning~~~~~~~!

Posted by PirateNipple


Posted by quikblink

I will sell ryan my vita

Posted by FormulaDeuce

Now this is what's gonna put Japanese game development back at the top of the food chain.

Posted by 5eNintendan

I'll wake you up with my club........

Posted by csl316

Yo, I have to wake up... every day!!

Posted by TJ311

I've never been more excited to own a Vita that I am right now!

Posted by Pop

Ok cool!

Posted by MistaSparkle

A Wake-Up Club is my preferred morning sandwich.

Posted by SpicyRichter

Fuck waking up

Posted by Sackmanjones

This looks excellent

Posted by LeeroyPinkerton

Day 1 purchase.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Good that Japan hasn't changed much.

Posted by Arx724

What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck?

Posted by Aaron_G

The only reason to buy a Vita.

Posted by jasondaplock

I woke up delirious from a nap. This isn't helping.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

What in the fuckity fuck fuck did I just see?

Posted by MmaFanQc

god damn, this just stomped the fuck out silly streetpass, American History X style.

Posted by Washburn

Aren't you glad you spent that $250 on a Vita now...best $250 alarm clock on the market!

Posted by Grilledcheez


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The Nintendo DSiware curse has spread to the Vita!

Can't wait to hear what Nintendownload X-press conductor Jeff Gerstmann has to say about this.

Posted by vikingdeath1


Posted by Crono

"Congratulations! You woke up again!"

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

You get a trophy for waking up on time....  

Posted by subatomicpizza

Why is a Japanese Matt Rorie in this?

Posted by Xtrminatr

@pantzing_nome said:

This could be the sleeper hit of the year.

God fucking dammit.

Posted by aidros


that is all

Posted by paulosaurus

As somebody that has trouble getting up on time, this actually seems kind of awesome.

Posted by Keen_12

If they could attach achievements to everything I do my productivity would go way up.

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I would be terrible at this game.

Also, I feel like old people may top the leader boards in this one.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

Wow, thats some Japan ass Japan right there.

I'd say. Heavy duty Japanese Japaning going on here.
Posted by kre8havoc

@Asadasa5: I bet I can wake up way harder than you can.

Posted by MostlyBearded

@kre8havoc said:

@Asadasa5: I bet I can wake up way harder than you can.

I'm the best wake-upper there is!

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@Washburn said:

Aren't you glad you spent that $250 on a Vita now...best $250 alarm clock on the market!

and it play games! Best alarm clock on the market EVAAARRRRR!

Posted by fox01313

And people were thinking if we saw the last of stupid things on handhelds like MyNotebook. Figuring most people might sleep 5+ hours, the battery in the vita when it wakes you up is probably going to be dead or near dead plus after this you'll have to recharge it so if you are in school while doing this silly thing, you can't take the vita with you.

Posted by gouldgonewild

@fox01313: ...pretty sure it works from sleep mode, dude.

Posted by gouldgonewild

@pantzing_nome: Thank you.

Posted by kerse

@Xtrminatr said:

@pantzing_nome said:

This could be the sleeper hit of the year.

God fucking dammit.


Posted by SpiralEye

Seriously, Japan needs to wake up..