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Posted by GinjaAssassin

Halo killer.

Posted by ValiantGrizzly

the fuck is this

Posted by Spiritof


Posted by Lyfeforce

"What is this" I know, "I don't even" I can figure out (Japan, muggerhubbards), yet still I can't completely bend my head around this.

Posted by Bollard

No wonder the Vita has sold like 2 units in Japan...

Posted by Zor

Wait, what... did that guy just get an achievement(trophy, whatever you want to call it) for waking up on time?...

Posted by IClavdivs

Looks more fun than doing math problems, though I'd be more likely to just chuck the thing across the room and go back to sleep.


The fuck did I just watch?

Posted by GrandMarshal


Posted by Mattyboysmith

Plato had an alarm clock over 1500 years ago. He did not care for achievements

Posted by Claude

Will it light my cigarette for me and give a couple of aspirin for my hangover?

Posted by senor_delicious

dammit, you did it Sony...

now i kind of want one these things

Posted by GirlsGeneration

If i get this does a beautiful asian girl send me messages in the morning to wake me up if so i'll take 10 copies!

Posted by bunnymud

OH LAWD!!! Get the fucking Japan out of my morning misery!

Posted by drsalvador

Congratulations, you have successfully woken up. PERFECT!

Posted by gbrading

And I thought the Botanicula Quick Look was weird.

Posted by RoyaleWithCheese

What's with the porno music at 1:10?!

Posted by Encephalon

That floating cat head looks pretty damn self-satisfied.

Posted by Kiri90

Analysts report that Sony's latest app, "Wake-Up," is expected to dramatically boost sales of the device in the Japanese market. A trusted source from Sony said that the soft-launch feedback has been so "overwhelmingly positive," they are preparing for a worldwide release in the coming months. Stay tuned for details.

/sarcasm ;)

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I am #1 on the snooze leaderboards!

Posted by Chet_Rippo


Posted by HerbieBug

god DAMNIT JAPAN!  >_<

Posted by Xymox


Posted by TheRealJpoe

With ideas like this, Foursquare, etc... I seems like most everyday tasks are being fashioned into some form of social video game. Interesting trend to say the least.

Posted by MachoFantastico

What the what now! 
This trailer made me realise just how big the Vita is. 

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

This is entirely too sedate and logical for a Japanese commercial. I call foul.

Posted by Kato

Does that steel dock come with the Vita? That thing is pretty cool.

Posted by Rejizzle

@DarkbeatDK said:




Hey Guys!

"Toilet Club"

Think about it! It's brilliant!

My God. This man is a genius!

Posted by SteepInKline

Whether Sony knows it or not, the Vita has two killer apps: Persona 4 Golden and Wake-Up Club.

Edited by raynate2022

Was that...A.. Trophy for waking up??!?!?!