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Loved this game as a kid!

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This is a series of blogs based on my own personal game collection. I will attempt to go through them in a chronological order according to their release date. I will also attempt to play then on their original platform using the original controllers the game was designed for. If I am unable to get the system or the game working then I will use PC emulation or another platform emulation like the Intellivision Lives! game for the gamecube

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Baseball for Nintendo Gameboy (1989)

Box Art

In the late 80’s Nintendo wasn’t happy with controlling the market share of the TV screen, they wanted to control the pocket. Nintendo created a mobile NES that anyone can hold and carry around with them, The system was call Game Boy and become one of the greatest systems every sold and released. With a new system out on the market, a new baseball would have to be released to make it a true success. Nintendo’s Gameboy game, Baseball, is not the first portable baseball game on this list but it is the first portable game where you play both sides of the sport. Microvision’s Baseball in 1983 was more or less a home run derby type game.


Title screen

While it is not the first true portable baseball game based on the definition of the words it is the first to have a true video screen with graphics. The screen might be small and might be limited to only one color; the graphics are really not bad. Baseball takes its visual cue from more of the RBI baseball than the NES’s Baseball game. The pitching is behind the batter and the camera is closer to the field requiring scrolling when the ball is in the air. The pitcher and batter’s name is displayed during the pitch; the B/S/O is readable, using dots to represent the count I always prefer as I feel glancing at dots doesn’t force me to read text.


The field contains the basic of fields and everything normally found on the field including the foul lines, and batter's box. The system didn't support color so the field was more of the lack of color. The lines formed the field and defined the infield and outfield. The outfield contained a wall that displays the words 'Nintendo' on the center field much like the NES Baseball.


This is where the RBI baseball influence is shown the greatest. The batters and pitchers have that ‘round’ look to them. The batter’s helmet is detailed and has a shine to it along with an ear hole. Because the game boy lacked color the uniforms all look the same, one team just had a darker shirt. The batter’s pants contains a pinstripe down the side but because all the batter’s look the same makes it a generic experience. The catcher’s back is cut off and you only see the back of his mask and shoulders.


There is no in game scoreboard during end of the innings. The only scoreboard that is displayed is on the title screen

Home Run Celebration

The celebration is pretty basic as well but a celebration does exist nevertheless. Once the ball lands in the stands, Big letters that stretch the width of the screen scrolls from the bottom to the center that spell ‘Home Run’ as well as nice melody.


There are two cameras in use during the game. Behind the batter’s view during the pitches and another bird’s eye camera that follows the ball as it travels through the infield and outfield. There is a PnP of the infield at all times that helps see where the base runners are at the same time.


Pitcher selection

The menus are simple and easy to read. There is a menu to select which team you want to play and the pitcher. You can pitch hit as well as bring in a relief pitcher which displays a basic popup with a bare min information about the player


The background music is very catchy. It doesn’t make wish I had my ipod. There is no umpire voice or play by play. The sound effects such as the crowd, ball flying through the air is standard for typical baseball video games. The crowd noise is radio static and the ball flying through the air is a slide whistle.



There is only 2 modes for this game; 1 or 2 player single nine inning baseball game. Once you select the number of players you are able to select ‘USA mode’ or ‘JPN mode’ The only thing I can tell is the difference between these two modes is the names of the players on the team.


The game boy only has two buttons and not a whole lot of options. You control the fielder that is closest to the ball and you throw it to the bases to attempt to throw the runner out. The fielders in the game are wearing the same slow shoes as many game prior. I feel it takes forever to get to the ball. The throw isn’t very speedy either. The defense isn’t bad and doesn’t ruin the enjoyment of the game. You are able to move the pitcher and change direction of the pitch which provides a great deal of flexibility. Striking out the CPU was not impossible and a great feeling


The batter can move around in the batter’s box which is always helpful to make contact with the ball. Base running is standard as well. Nothing really innovated regarding the offense.

Rules of the Baseball

The game includes the 10 run mercy rule which exists in the little leagues but does not in MLB. Each team field 9 players and you are able to select the starting pitcher as well as pitch hit. There has yet been a game in this series where you can pitch run a base runner and I didn’t expect this game to advance the sport all the much. True fully the fact that I able to play a baseball video game in the car was all the rules I needed.

When you finish the game, a nice animation of the pitcher being lifted up and down is a nice effect as well as displays a game summary full of stats such as hits, home runs, and strike outs

Video Game Innovations

  • Portable baseball game