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Posted by SixtyXCelph

Games this week:

  • Xbox 360 - Mass Effect
  • Game Boy Color - Pokemon: Blue

Played some more Mass Effect. Surprise! Got past side missions and jumped into the Noveria mission. Y'know, the one where you decide whether the entire Rachni species lives or dies? Can you guess which is the Renegade, jerkass option? Ughhhh, I literally felt pangs of guilt when I flooded the chamber of the queen with poisonous gas. And she fought. Oh, gods, it definitely made me a little teary-eyed. Ugh. And now we're on Feros. I haven't really reached any of the decisions yet, but, knowing how the Paragon choice pans out eventually in the third game, I bet it's going to be sad to choose Renegade here, too. Ugh.

And, Pokemon! I'm up to the dark cave. I ended up choosing my Sandshrew Roses over my Diglett Digdug. Diglett was kind of crap. Low defense and offense. So I went with Sandshrew. He doesn't learn any ground-type moves, I don't think, but that's fine. He's at least resistant to electric-type. So, current team consists of Fluffy the Ivysaur, Sector the Paras, Shazam the Kadabra, Train the Pikachu, Rock the Pidgeotto, and Roses the Sandslash. Although I've got Cathy the Voltorb with me in place of Rock. At least until we're through the cave. Need a Pokemon who knows Flash.

And that's it this week! I'm hoping next weekend to start playing Heavy Rain. Picked it up this past weekend so that Rebekah and I can play it together. We'll see, Friday's going to be rough and I may need the whole weekend to recover.

Posted by DonChipotle

Ah yes, Feros. That place will give you plenty of Renegade/Paragon points. I won't give it away, but the Renegade option is pretty brutal.