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Posted by Mathey

@Jeff - my dad went through a series of surgeries over a medical scare earlier this year and it was one of the most exhausting periods in my life. Dealing with all the doubt and uncertainty over it was so damn draining - seeing my dad that weak was terrible - and hospitals aren't my favorite place to visit anyways. For what it's worth, aside from playing dumb games on my Ipod touch, listening to and watching Giant Bomb content really helped me make it through the whole ordeal with most of my sanity intact.

Best wishes to you and yours, and thanks for the site!

Posted by theimmortalbum

Jeff Gerstmann - I can definitely say that I don't mind you talking about personal stuff.. things like that are tough, and as others have said, I come here for the people. Late coverage on the site doesn't bother me one bit, especially when real life is happening.. because honestly, that's the more important thing.

Posted by Belialjtg87

@murisan: I would suggest a malibal(this is who I bought from) or avadirect or sager for a high end laptop. It will be portable in the sense that it's a foldable desktop, also absolutely nothing I didn't want on it and every time I called to place the order or to correspond to the company I got the same guy, it was a great buying experience..... My own rig specs are as follows:

Clevo X7200 chasse

intel i7 960 quad-core 3.2GHz

Dual NVidia Geforce GTX 485M SLI - 4GB total Vid RAM

18in. glossy screen


300GB Intel SSD

This chasse has slots for two more hard drives and is large enough you can take the bottom panel off and modify all your self instead of sending it in for upgrades. Also, it's large enough for a full size CPU vs. mobile CPU. Gets hot enough to melt the skin off your thighs, and has NO battery life, but once again it not meant for portability really. I have yet to come across anything I can't run, and all with highest settings at acceptable frame rates. I hope this helps 8).

Posted by Belialjtg87


Posted by BonOrbitz

@Jeff: Hang in there Jeff. In the early 'aughts I almost lost my father to a rare kidney disease. I didn't get along with the guy but what happened during that time brought my immediate family closer together and things are great now. Good luck to you and yours.

Why is the song that played when he got a message so familiar? Where is that from?!

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

So many Jars

Posted by Gizmo

I have a feeling Fable 4 will be announced at E3.

Edited by Undeadpool

The internet is one of the biggest echo-chambers I've ever seen, unfortunately. Since we are, in general, enthusiasts, we often lose sight of the fact that we are a VAST minority in terms of consumers. And I fully agree with his follow-up, and I've said it before: BEGRUDGING DOLLARS ARE STILL DOLLARS. Muttering "I can't believe I'm buying this" doesn't somehow negate the sale.

Edit: And I do love the martyr complex of a couple of these..."Why are Microsoft/Sony ignoring international users?" "I assume nobody cares about site issues." Holy crap, folks...actually there's no need to go on, Jeff pretty well covered it.

Posted by plainplease

Would the Color for Facebook app work for streaming the E3 drive?

Posted by Ethan_Raiden

if you wanna talk about anything jeff im here for you bro

Posted by SupberUber

I want to dig deeper into Jeff Gerstmann. Do I have to pay extra for that?

Posted by DallasTheGamer

I freakin' love jars.

Posted by itsVASH

When's the next one?