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Posted by JohnyMyko

This has to be one of the most underrated things on this website, it's just so great!
And Jeff should consider a side-job as a voice actor for cartoons.

Posted by Pugg

This is the best.

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I loved when they did Time Trotters back when they were at Gamespot.

Posted by Cautionman

This is goddamn glorious. Also, Time Trotters is the best/worst name ever. Love it!

Posted by Sooty

This is so bad in the most obvious and best way.

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So with doing no research regarding what I'm going to say. I would think these are the inspiration for the 2 best friend videos.

And post it yay internet.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

- "You just have to play by feel"
- "It feels terrible."

Posted by Spitznock

This show could have so easily fit in on on Adult Swim.

Posted by TechnicallyProficient

Anyone else remember the fan-cut season trailer of Time Trotters from years ago set to Sinead O'Connor's "No Man's Woman"? Reminiscing about Ryan has called that to mind, but I'm unable to find it.

Posted by Xbox420

I watched this for Ryan but now I miss Rich Gallup a lot too!

Posted by librariangmr

Mother of god, I love this. Makes me sad I missed out on most of the Gamespot wackiness. Stupid college!! (that's not true, go to college, kids!). That Casper Van Dien bit was insane. Where did that happen?

Posted by coolowlbro

YES. Don't mess with Big Baby Jesus!

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@discoman said:

I never knew Nuke.com redirected to Gamespot.com

It was also its own campy site for a while. Lots of atomic explosion gifs.

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Posted by uglykitten


Posted by darkmagus517

I actually owned this game and loved the shit out of this. Its like playing the bouncer only smaller fighting rings and fatalities... so instead go play the bouncer. If they made a modern version it might be awesome.

man I wish we got thrill kill instead :/

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Is there more of these?

Posted by FakeKisser

I've never watched one of these before. Thanks for posting.

Posted by Player1
Posted by edeo

The real question is "What drug was Casper on?"

Posted by jpmcosta
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Posted by Fritzerbacon

This is hilarious!

Much needed laughter in a sad time. Thank you Jeff

Posted by ninjalegend

That video brings me joy, such a good gamespot era. I always thought the 36 chambers was an arbitrary number until I looked it up, but truth is stranger than fiction. You know, like a RZA ninja.

Posted by churrific
Posted by LordXavierBritish

God damn.

Posted by MideonNViscera

I can't believe how shitty this game looks. I played it back in the day. How could I even do that?

What a great video.

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The oldest Quick Look, and one of the best.

Posted by Sonny009

is the song at the beginning of this a real song that i cant have?

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Posted by yyZiggurat

So was Ghostface Killah the Gun Jack of this game?

Posted by ZeroV2

All these Ryan videos broke my levy, the tears have started flowing



That's what Joel does in the last of us

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That was terrible!


Posted by Accolade

Was Mr. Game XT really a repurposed Mr. Bucket?

Posted by NTM

It's going to be hard getting used to him not being around anymore...

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@chrismafuchris: I skipped work.

Really it was for other reasons, but it turns out it was just what I needed to really digest this stuff too.

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At first I wondered of skipping class to watch videos of Ryan was a good idea, but it's fairly obvious now that I made the right choice. All this has just made it all the more clearer what a great guy he was, and how much I'll miss him :(

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Man that Casper Van Dien video is mega crazy.

Posted by Mortuss_Zero

That was awesome, I can only dream that there could be more of this majesty.

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I can't believe I missed this. It's better than most of the crap you'd see on G4 or Adult Swim. Missing Ryan a lot right now.

Posted by Kornnugget

Thanks for posting that. There is a ton of great content on the GB. Reminds me I should do some digging.

Posted by greylion

That was awesome

Posted by yeliwofthecorn

That Casper Van Diem clip was both hilarious and horrifying. It's really great to have all these vids coming up. A bit bittersweet.

Posted by RecSpec


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This is just awesome!

Ryan is the man! In his honour I'm buying a robe.

Posted by Discoman

I never knew Nuke.com redirected to Gamespot.com