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Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials
Posted by joelalfaro

Those running animations, wow!

Posted by GTCknight

@mason20: Duder, now I want there to be a Berserk tie-in. My Gatts can meet the real Guts.

Posted by Eddie_and_the_Fist_Monkeys

I'm getting the impression that Patrick is holding this game to a much higher standard than other games that have been released within the same genre in recent months. Perhaps my perception of this game does not reflect the actuality of the games quality evident from the vid for whatever reason, (I haven't played it myself) but he seems to be calling it on every detail without reflecting back on the positive for any balance other than casually mentioning the combat. This is a perfectly fine way to do things, as long as every game gets the same treatment.

Posted by Generiko

"An epic number of enemies"

What the fuck!?

Posted by Begilerath

@SaturdayNightSpecials: Didn't know what Bandicooting was..now I know. But Why are there games that are older than the first Crash in the page? Should not the name for it change to MikeyManianing or TheLionKinging?

Posted by bigdc666

I think this game looks bad-ass

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

I really like what this game is doing even if it is an iteration.

Posted by fox01313

As many ways rpgs have dealt with the fast travel system, I'm surprised they didn't do something as simple as what was done in Skyrim where you could just go outside a town, get on a wagon going to another town then move fast across the map without breaking the game with instantly having the ability to move anywhere on the map.

Posted by Nettacki
@H_Donna_Gust said:

This is like Operation Flashpoint as an open world RPG.

The old ones or the new ones?
Posted by leebmx

That poor ogre...

Posted by avidwriter

Bunch of armed bandits harder then a giant ogre? Nice logic game, nice logic.

Posted by Jdizzle84

Wow this game looks better than Skyrim in pretty much every aspect expect maybe graphics. But then again it also runs much more smoothly than Skyrim.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

I want to like this game because it seems to work competently but I find everything about the UI and art style a little irksome and it just looks like complete garbage to me.

Posted by madnesshero88

Dark Tower references. They get me every time. White over red, thus Gan wills ever.

Posted by kealivio

@umdesch4: the game is great

Posted by JamesERutledge

Dark Tower Ended great. Odetta was the good one. OY is a billy bumbler, and a movie would be outstanding!

Posted by Suoritus

Looks kinda sweet,

Posted by bkbroiler

I love how you can see Quintius or whatever just fall off the bridge at the end. Whoops!

Posted by Roger778

Dragon's Dogma does look like a fun game. I'm tempted to try it out.

Posted by mitsuko_souma2

This looks way better than Skyrim in nearly every way.

Posted by BulimicBalzac

Only one question why is Odetta white? Odetta was a southern black woman right?!

Posted by LunaCantabile

@mitsuko_souma2: I don't like skyrim much, but even I'll admit that skyrim does a better job of communicating narrative. Then again, I'd take Dragon's Dogma over skyrim on any mechanical level. A mod community doesn't make skyrim itself and inherently/mechanically better game.

Posted by LunaCantabile

@phantomgardener: You can easily play this as a loot game the way monster hunter works as a loot game???

Certain enemies you farm for drop rates on items, crafting, upgrading, dragon forging, and fighting an asymmetric raid boss that increases in power every time it's slain? It's the kind of game you'd definitely play wanting to try and get the drop for say, a lambent shield or whatever, with DLC weapons that are serviceable early/midgame, but need to be fully upgraded for end/post-game viability.

It just isn't a loot game in the sense of having tiered items or "junk" loot, but it's absolutely about drops and item progression, getting an ascalon or knight's uniform is a big draw.