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Posted by StoffInator

I really enjoyed this game. It was a surprise for me.

Posted by Cusseta

"It's a morality grenade?" = Epic

Edited by DeanoXD

Anyone expecting Jeff to speak positively about this game doesn't know Jeff, plus it's not a call of duty game so Jeff automatically thinks its bad.

So remember the future is in 2025 where blops 2 takes place, and they will actually have future soldier hardware.

Posted by Vrikk

"It's not like soldiers are running around today with active camouflage."

Actually, only partially true. The tech has been developed. It's just too damn expensive for every soldier.

Posted by maverick_76

Game not looking as fun as I thought it would be, kinda disappointed not gonna lie.

Posted by twillfast

@Smokey_Earhole said:

Tom Kuh-lancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.


This comment reminds me of The Secret of Monkey Island. But then, most things do.

Look behind you, a three-headed monkey.

Posted by Rodent

"We're here from America. Everything will be fine!"

"We need more people in the pillow mines!"


Posted by Cybexx

This seems okayish. I'm going to continue with my plan of renting this at some point.

Posted by YukoAsho

@TrueEnglishGent said:

Fond memories of the GRAW games, but this is sort of bumming me out. Just not up to the quality.


Even in the GRAW games, you weren't this unstoppable behemoth. It seemed like this was far more boring and limp, making the player far too unstoppable for the threat to be taken seriously.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

seems fun but seems like more of a game i'd rather rent than buy. too much of that mark & execute & other crazy stuff but i guess sign of the times.

Posted by tourgen

wow it looks really easy and boring

Posted by Xenctuary

AI teammates shoot a civilian in the head at 09:30.

Posted by devil_spawn666

either the npc's have active camo as well, or there's some serious texture popping in this game.

Posted by Goof

This game is highly lacking Jetson flying cars.

Posted by kmg90

Civilians using active camo at 3:30

Posted by Bakumatsu

@BPRJCTX: Exactamente. Ia dizer isso tudo mas passaste-me à frente lol :)

Posted by i8246i

@tonygxp: 3:25 in, there's even more screwups:

"as long as don't raise any alarms."


Posted by Hugh_Jazz

My only take-away from this and the previous QL: What the shit is up with that run animation? Who would ever think running with a gun held up like that is a good idea?

Apparently the future changed EVERYTHING.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Fond memories of the GRAW games, but this is sort of bumming me out. Just not up to the quality. 

Posted by jt1080

@blacklab said:

They were pretty down on the game, but it seemed kind of fun to me.

Pretty sure Jeff is just tired of shooters. Especially "modern war" shooters (future is in title, but it's still the same thing).

Posted by MeatSim

This game is the future of plastic bag technology.

Posted by blacklab

They were pretty down on the game, but it seemed kind of fun to me.

Posted by Bubbly

@Butano said:

Is the PC version of this game the same as the consoles? The GRAW titles for PC were first-person.

I would like to know this, too. I've searched a bit, but I can't seem to find any concrete information.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I can't believe they didn't open it with a Jeff GRFSmann joke.

Posted by dropabombonit

The Kinect stuff still looks dumb but the game looks unspectacular but solid

Posted by emem

Looks great.

Posted by Stonyman65

@simkas: The Armalite-Stoner rifles yeah, but the one I was talking about was the Stoner 96, which was made fairly recently by Knights Armaments Corp, called the Stoner LMG.

Posted by viking

Great Quick look guys!

"Oh hang on I gotta look at this database entry in the SKYY!!"

Oh Jeff... You funny man! :-D

Edited by spazmaster666

I heard Mitchell's voice (Steven Blum), so I'm assuming he's like a tactical commander now and giving orders instead of being in the field? Anyway, I'm waiting for the PC version, which apparently will be third person as well (in contrast to GRAW and GRAW 2) so I'm guessing it's probably going to be a straight port. Hopefully they will at least implement some of tactical map/commands system for the PC version as that was one of the best parts of the previous Ghost Recon games.

Posted by thomasonfa

Jeff and Ryan, you guys are too jaded. This game seems pretty cool.

Posted by Tsuchikage

The multiplayer didn't look very good, but I think the campaign stuff shown in this Quick Look looked good. It seemed like it was very well-paced.

Posted by White
Posted by BlazeHedgehog

The whole sandstorm sequence looked dumb. How could they see you? The player has to use magnetic goggles to see during the storm; I doubt those guys had them. There were times where Jeff would flip the goggle view off and couldn't see more than 10 feet.
And did anybody notice the floating light source at 29:00? Neither Jeff or Ryan did.

Posted by ptys

I think I'm just sick of anything in a video-game that has either guns, zombies or a desert location, that doesn't have Resident Evil in the title.

Posted by warpedzappa

Man, military shooters are becoming tiresome..

Posted by dudeglove

Needs more doodly doop.

Posted by Quantical

This looks better than I thought it would. I'm a bit burnt out on military shooters at the moment though.

Posted by Lingxor

The bad guys might want to consider patrolling in groups of more than 4.

Posted by Deusoma
@ManMadeGod said:

I agree. Never seen a more pissy user base than the one on this website.

Oh, please! Let me re-introduce you two. User meet YouTube, YouTube meet User.
Posted by bunkerbuster05

@BPRJCTX said:

@Maajin said:

The enemies speak a very fluent brazilian portuguese... So weird.

Yeah, first, i really don't think ppl speak Portuguese in Zambia, that's more Angola and Mozambique, and then, the Portuguese they speak in Africa, doesn't sound like Brazillian Portuguese at all, it's basically Portugal's Portuguese with an African accent.

Jesus Christ, say that ten times fast. Portugal's Portuguese with an African accent.

Posted by Rapid

Game looks alright, I like that it is trying to do something new than the regular military shooter. Not just a rollarcoaster ride or overly scripted events. I just remember all those ridiculous trailers.

Edited by Rapid

@Nitrium said:

This is weird, the enemies speak Portuguese.

I feel like the game is making some kind of accusation about the FUTURE of Africa....? I don't know....

Posted by Nights

@deathstriker666 said:

@HumanoidTyphoon said:

@indure said:

This doesn't really seem like a ghost recon game. The ability to take tons of damage combined with the inability to control your squad, makes it seem like a straight forward run-and-gun game or a cover hopper. I have to agree the lack of feedback from the squad members is surprising, although if it was in the game, it would make the game even easier.

Welcome to 2012! It's unfortunate to say the least.

Nope, its been like that since Ghost Recon 2 which came out in late 2004

Oh, I agree. Perhaps my response was worded a bit poorly. Tom Clancy games have been "dead," since the end of last generation. I meant that there's practically zero chance for a game like GR/GRIT to exist in today's market. You're right in that it's been that way for quite some time.

Posted by bunkerbuster05

@Roger778 said:

That actually looks like a fun game. Very splinter-cell like, in that it focuses on stealth, and killing silently.

My thoughts exactly. It looks like a step up from Conviction, which I loved.

Edited by Brackynews

Can wub chiptune on the battlefield?

Ok that was a stretch. Here's another:

Jeff QL: Double headshot without trying. Brad QL: Gun jams before being run over by APC.

Less of a stretch. ;)

Posted by getsomedrankHowardPhillips

Bravo guys! I forgot how funny quick looks could be. This had me rollin!!

Posted by Rox360
Man, seeing that "Clear" pop up at the end of each encounter really made me realize how games have gone downhill. Here we have a supposedly tactical third person shooter that's all stealthy and tries to build suspense and has cool setpieces with sneaking through sandstorms and stalking targets and silently backstabbing guards... But it's so very eager to tell you HEY, there aren't any enemies left, you can run to the next arena now, kthxbye!
Games shouldn't freaking do that. Don't tell me that there aren't any enemies left. Hell, stop having dedicated sections for fighting, and sections between them that are for walking and exposition. That  started getting stale five years ago, now it's beyond formulaic. What happened to action games that never let you be sure if there was going to be enemies around the next corner or not? Games that would trick you into thinking you had cleared an area, then shot you in the back as you kept moving on because you didn't take one last look around? Games where half the level wasn't designated as a non-combat area that will play out the exact same way every time you play it because only one thing is programmed to happen there, and it's not controlled by the player?
Guys, what happened to video games?

@MrKlorox said:
Maybe don't give the quicklook to people who aren't into the type of game and have shit on it every time they come back from seeing it at a show.. Or is that an unreasonable suggestion?
You're asking that someone who isn't in the core Giant Bomb crew take a look at all these games, because they were all already negatively biased toward this product due to the nature of their jobs. Even though having the crew only cover things they're genuinely interested in would mean significantly less content on this site, probably leading to its demise as they would barely be able to cover any games at all, the good news is that we already have you covered.
All you have to do is take a look at the many other video game websites available on the Internet, find one where one of the members specializes in the type of genre you would only like to see represented by someone who is passionate about it, and follow their coverage instead of Giant Bomb's. It's that easy!
Posted by ManMadeGod

@CDUB901 said:

And yet more bitching in the comments from users who can't take someone elses opinion of a game as just that...an opinion

one little negative remark from any of the crew and everyone has to get all defensive of the game

and asking why Jeff did the quicklook? probably because no one else wanted to play it because everyone is tired of shooter after shooter after shooter

and sure, they could have an "unbiased" point of view...but then the videos would be really quiet because wtf would they talk about? We come to video game sites to get point of views and guess what, they don't seem to fond of it, big fuckin whoop

just go to youtube and search "future solider gameplay" if you want to see what this game is like without opinions...it's that easy folks....don't go to video game sites with people who review and cover games for a living and not expect them to say what they honestly think of a game in a video

I agree. Never seen a more pissy user base than the one on this website.

Posted by Roger778

That actually looks like a fun game. Very splinter-cell like, in that it focuses on stealth, and killing silently.

Posted by Iodine

I havent really liked a Clancy game since RB6: LV, and while I want to like this, just....... meh

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