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Posted by Vuud

Jeff's analogy to a bad board game commercial was dead spot on.

Posted by Hosstile17

RIP Ryan.

Posted by jtrink

That was amazing! Wondered why i always lost at that game. How the hell was anyone supposed to legitimately beat that game?!

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Oh man, I still haven't stopped watching this one since it released on GB and it doesn't get old so far. The ending alone, it's so beautiful!

Posted by advocatefish


Posted by Krathoon

The two screaming parts were hilarious.

Posted by ThePickle

TT is more Broken Pixels than Quick Look.

Posted by Mercanis

@heartlessomen said:

curious, but what was unfinished about this episode?

Jeff mentions in another video that the episode was missing intro and outtro credits, some music, and most of the sound effects.

Posted by mrsmiley

This makes me so happy. It's too bad there will only every be two Time Trotters.

Posted by LarsHJ

I don't care what it is going to take, make more of these please!

Posted by heartlessomen

curious, but what was unfinished about this episode?

Posted by Korne

@Vrikk said:

Sweet love of God. So this is what old video game sites do when they try to be cool? Thank Jesus this is no longer a thing.

Please... PLease make this a thing again. One of the best gaming shows ever. It reminds me of Gametrailers Fact or Fiction mixed with Giantbombs Quicklook goodiness.

Posted by brotherstereo

No thanks.

Posted by ReyGitano

This is the best. Too bad it wasn't reasonable to keep making this.

Posted by Binny

This stuff is so delicious!

Posted by LordAndrew

@HellBound said:

@Toxin066: What is the story behind "nuke.com"?

Nuke was a video game website. Its parent company was Sendai Media Group. Sendai was purchased by Ziff-Davis in 1996 and Nuke became Electronic Gaming Monthly's online presence. It was shut down not long after, GameSpot became EGM's online presence, and nuke.com started redirecting to GameSpot. The nuke.com domain name must have been included in the sale of ZDNet to CNET, because in 2007 it became an evil presence. Then at some point between 2008 and 2010 (probably 2008) it returned to a GameSpot redirect. If you're curious, here's a blog from someone who actually worked at Nuke.com.

Posted by BisonHero

@Ethan_Raiden said:

is there an older version of 21 jump street that ive not heard about or something?

It was a TV show in the late 80s well before the recent movie, if that's what you're asking.

Posted by BisonHero

@fusrodah said:

This episode is way darker knowing that Dana Plato is dead and Joe Lieberman is still in the Senate

I just looked it up, and wow, I didn't realize Dana Plato's career and life became such a downward spiral after Diff'rent Strokes.

Posted by pow1149

The best part is when Rich goes "Oh really!!" 7 seconds in.

Posted by ookie007

That was great! More please!

Posted by djotaku

wtf was that? (I think I remember them mentioning this in a previous bobmbcast) I kinda want to see more!

Posted by gsquirrelgo

I want one thousand more Time Trotters.

Posted by Sergotron

Never stop producing content that revolves around Night Trap.

Posted by chrisphil1724

Time Trotters T-Shirt....make it happen.

Posted by theimmortalbum

Love the music when they were going back.. so good.

Posted by Vrikk

Sweet love of God. So this is what old video game sites do when they try to be cool? Thank Jesus this is no longer a thing.

Posted by devil_spawn666

Joe Lieberman got smoked.

Totes cool with that!

Posted by RichieJohn

I love all the animation but what I take from this is that quicklooks of old/crappy games are the best.

More quicklook throwbacks!

Posted by RetroVirus

Man, I really love that music that plays while Trivia Robot jumps.

Posted by dogbox

Awesome to see the progenitor of Quick Looks! Thank you for making these Time Trotters episodes available. I remember waiting for these back when I would hang out on Gamespot all night, every night as a teenager. Feel very nostalgic right now...damn you, gin!

Posted by mbkish

Normalized volume, it is the way of the future man!

Posted by Peanut

@featurepreacher said:

I thought mk was the reason for the esrb.

Read some books about the history of games. MK was only part of that entire debacle.

Posted by blacklab

This is the best thing I've ever seen. Ever. Seen. Ever.

Posted by dietmango

@featurepreacher said:

I thought mk was the reason for the esrb.

MK is one of the notable reasons, others being Doom, Lethal Force, and in this case, Night Trap.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I like how Jeff (and Ryan) become Old Snake.

Posted by featurepreacher

I thought mk was the reason for the esrb.

Posted by ValiantGoat

R.I.P. Dana Plato

Posted by tavit

Now I can just die

Posted by TheRedDeath

Love this. My favorite part is when they play the horrible game and MST3K it.

Posted by artofwar420

This is magnificent.

Posted by Cirdain

Can I just say. Those trumpets are dope!

Posted by Terranova

that was great and Ed boon making a cameo be it as the penguin that time jumps with them although where the penguin came from i dunno.

Posted by JuggaloAcidman

MUST HAVE MORE TIME TROTTERS! This can't be the last episode! You could get Rich to do his charector's voice over the phone!

Posted by JCrichton

So when will Night Trap be available on XBLA?

That was great.


Posted by PenguinDust

80's mustache! I like this even if it's a QL with a cartoon intro.

Posted by Lydian_Sel


Posted by RagingLion

@Mezmero said:

To be clear I love this old piece of video. I miss the the older videos with a lot more focus on editing like TANG and reviews. I know its a lot more work to put together such a paltry amount of video content especially when compared to the efficiency of live stream captures. At least I know I'll have the GOTY stuff to look forward to every year. I wouldn't want to change the way you guys do things because you are changing all the time anyways but I really do miss Vinny's old school edits. Just try to make it back from E3 alive.

Yeah, pretty much. And all that highly edited stuff is well worth watching again and again and I do. To be clear, the humour didn't really hit for me on much of this but I love seeing this kind of glossy, highly polished content and still appreciate it.

Posted by GnsDemon

I have not been watching these. I have been fuckin up. This is magic.

Posted by TruthTellah

@TimFReilly: Yeah, they have a foundation with which to build up jokes even further. I like the pure style of Quick Looks, but these have a charm all their own. A bit like playing games they used to play(such as, Load Our Last Save) and ones they are nostalgic about(such as, Game Room or Retro Gaming videos). Independent of the animation, I really think they could try to do some more videos like this just focused on their directed commentary on some games. It would give a nice contrast to the more common, off-the-cuff Quick Looks.

Posted by Savutano

Fuck I miss Rich.