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Posted by Kazona

That was pure awesome

Posted by logson

We've waited so many years; this was like a bonus Christmas morning from when those mattered.

Posted by coribald


Posted by coribald

This is legitimately hysterical.

Posted by BombcastGoldthwait

Best. Thing. Ever.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Oh wow. The lost episode of Time Trotters is kinda amazing. Ed Boon as a random penguin. What.

Posted by sleeping143
Posted by DystopiaX

@JackCharlatan said:

What the fuck is time trotters? Is buzz kill animating this?

It's some shit they were doing at Gamespot before Jeff got fired.

Posted by Toxin066

Nuke.com still reroutes to gamespot. That's phenomenal in so many ways.

Posted by Tsuchikage

Wow, and I thought modern-day Call of Duty campaigns were short...a perfect run of Night Trap only takes 25 minutes. :X

Posted by iAmJohn

It's been a long road. Getting from there to here.

Posted by FreakAche

No way! I was disappointed when they posted the first one of these, as I discovered that I had already seen it somehow! I didn't realize that they had finished a second episode!

Posted by DougCL


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Poor Lieberman.

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God, these are awesome. I really wish they would do more of these. They are so unique and creative.

Edit: I think they could get more subs if they would promise to make this like a yearly or bi-yearly feature.

Posted by patbaer

As a Connecticut native, fuck Joe Lieberman.

Posted by IrrelevantJohn

Fuck this is awful. BUT I CANT STOP WATCHING!

Posted by RagingBrain

These are awesome!

Posted by GooieGreen

@Aldrenar47 said:

@ShaneDev said:

The voice over on the game play stuff was better than the other episode but the plot and humor was still pretty terrible and not funny. The theme tune to Time Trotters remains the best thing about Time Trotters by a wide margin.

Your plot and humor are pretty terrible and not funny

While that might be true, you still did not reject his statement.

I may be in the minority here, but given that I have zero nostalgic value for Time Trotters, I fail to enjoyed the animated segments as much as the Jeff and Ryan fans. Still, it is interesting to see a time gone by.

Posted by zoozilla

Man, that was good. It kinda fills you with a deep, deep feeling of contentment.

Posted by Fattony12000

God, Ryan's screaming is brilliant.


Fuckin A!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ethan_Raiden

is there an older version of 21 jump street that ive not heard about or something?

Posted by misclet

gotta love the goya painting at vampire/senator joe liberman's house/castle.

Posted by Jost1

@Irvandus said:

Now that you've found the lost episode of Time Trotters I'll identify your items for free.


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I love this, but you guys need to fix the mix during the animated portion. The voicework (especially Jeff) seems muted compared to the FX and music and stuff.

Still, Jeff and Ryan play and mock "classic" games? This is the best!

You guys should take a look at some Tex Murphy games, since he's currently Kickstarting up some funds for a new, final, game.

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Posted by Kevino13

Wow, this was really shitty, but in a way I can appreciate. It'd be cool if they made more, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

Posted by TatsurouXIII

best thing ever.

Posted by AthleticShark

@vinsanityv22: Oh my god, what part about this series being made years ago don't you get? "Lost" episode? Never finished? Come on man, come on.

Posted by AthleticShark

@Toxin066: What is the story behind "nuke.com"?

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Awesome :D

Ed boon as Penguin, fantastic :D

Posted by DJKommunist

What is the song that starts playing a 2:02, and towards the end?

Posted by Soap

That, was seriously amazing. So good.

Posted by Blue_Cube


Posted by hardindr

I'm surprised that Gamespot allowed Joe Lieberman to be depicted as a vampire...

Posted by Captain_Felafel

Fucking awesome!

Posted by marbleCmoney

Finally got to see this. Thanks, guys!

Posted by Box3ru13

Goddamn, this was as stupid as I remember when I saw it at PAX a few years back. Absolutely loved it then and still do.

Posted by MrSpoon
Posted by oneidwille

God that was good! I just love taking it all in, through my eyes and ears.

Posted by Scribbly

Yo, this is some dumb shit... and I like it.

Posted by sirdesmond

Watching this made me look up Dana Plato which then led me to reading about her death/maybe suicide (at least legally) and then the suicide of her son years later. God, that's depressing.

Posted by Phoenix87

I am now convinced that Giant Bomb needs its own Animated series, since the Simpsons, family guy and south park are now tired and boring.

Posted by MEATBALL

I wish there were more of this. This is bittersweet.

Posted by namesonkel

Fuckin' awesome dude.

Posted by dropabombonit

This is amazing. Time to start a petition for season 2

Posted by gbrading

They so need to bring this back. Desperately. Now that Rich has been sadly laid off would he consider coming back? Probably not but I can dream.

Posted by Chris2KLee

No sound at work, been waiting all day to get back and watch this.