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Posted by heartlessomen

curious, but what was unfinished about this episode?

Posted by LarsHJ

I don't care what it is going to take, make more of these please!

Posted by mrsmiley

This makes me so happy. It's too bad there will only every be two Time Trotters.

Posted by Mercanis

@heartlessomen said:

curious, but what was unfinished about this episode?

Jeff mentions in another video that the episode was missing intro and outtro credits, some music, and most of the sound effects.

Posted by ThePickle

TT is more Broken Pixels than Quick Look.

Posted by Krathoon

The two screaming parts were hilarious.

Posted by advocatefish


Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Oh man, I still haven't stopped watching this one since it released on GB and it doesn't get old so far. The ending alone, it's so beautiful!

Posted by jtrink

That was amazing! Wondered why i always lost at that game. How the hell was anyone supposed to legitimately beat that game?!

Posted by Hosstile17

RIP Ryan.

Posted by Vuud

Jeff's analogy to a bad board game commercial was dead spot on.