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Posted by AlexW00d

Meet Off-Road Drive, an off-roading simulator.

Slippery Uphill

This one is kind of self-explanatory really; it’s an off-roading simulator, winches and all, where you have to drive around tracks trying to set better times than other drivers. You have to control things like differentials, tire pressure, low/high ratio gears, 2wd/4wd etc, to help you cross various types of obstacle and terrain in the quickest time. You have a winch too, but it seems a bit of a janky tool, as the game chooses where to attach it, and in a specifically laid out race course that doesn’t often help.

I briefly read the synopsis/blurb on the game’s page and thought this was going to be more open-ended for some reason, and was pretty excited by that; just a field/s or an expanse or something for me to navigate at my leisure, but unfortunately not. When driving through some of the muddier mud, it has a sort of sludgy effect, and your wheels push the mud away, somewhat dynamically; it’s probably the most advanced thing the engine it’s running on does.

The game has numerous cars, each with their own stats and strengths, and numerous locations you can drive around, with their own styles. You unlock both the vehicles and the locations by gaining points in each race series - with each location having a couple - by placing nearest the top you can.

There isn’t really much else to write about this game, so I guess I’ll stop.