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This can't be real.

Posted by DougQuaid

Cannot unsee!

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It's like he's constantly barely remembering what he is supposed to say, and then he's really proud of himself that he remembered it. Or so happy about with what he is going to say that he has to pause, lest the joy overcome him.

Posted by Redhorn

Is that guy 13 or 60

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Man, that dude is stoked AS HELL about this thing. But no, no thank you, Sony.

Posted by mohawk

Damn, this is gonna be funny

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What's wrong with your face?!

Posted by ike7779

Cool idea. Way creepy as hell frog.

Posted by Myomoto

This is fucking nuts!

Posted by drstrawberry

That guy sounds.... just like Nick Cage

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The way the guy was darting his eyes so he could read his lines was more unsettling than the facial stuff. BARELY.

Posted by Crunchman

It's easy to make fun of, but this is kind of cool.

Posted by Arthurd

Are they insane? Next thing they'll say is that they are going to integrate a Digimon mini game into the game.

Posted by GeneralBison

April was two months ago guys

Posted by psoplayer

Was this supposed to be posted exactly 2 months ago? That's some pretty impressive tech, nonetheless.

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

Looks like something we'll be seeing more of next gen, the headtracking tech would be great for technical FPS's as it would give you an indication of where your squadmates are looking but the facial animations would just be the cherry on the top... Or the piss on the cornflakes depending on how you look at it...

Posted by Rox360

I want to punch that guy in the face and/or tell him to stop freaking smiling. Yes, it's good to appear enthusiastic about your stuff, but come on, man...

Posted by Undeadpool

@demonzen15 said:

That guy sounds.... just like Nick Cage

And look who just HAPPENED to post it...more than a LITTLE suspicious, HMMMMMMMMMM?!?!?!

Posted by SharkMan

LOL, this sounds like a joke and looks even worse.

Posted by GalacticPunt

That guy is fucking PSYCHED! Andrew W.K.'s brother works on Everquest, apparently.

Posted by Devil240Z

Every multiplayer game should have some form of this. would be cool in FPS games and stuff.

Posted by Spiritof

Now, not only will you get to hear the racism of male teens, but you'll be able to SEE the racism on their faces too.

Your welcome, internet.

Posted by Aristides

That seems... cool?

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@NegativeCero said:

This just looks bad and that guy was way too excited for this.

I'd be way more excited if he did something like this:

I love you for reminding me of this moment.

Posted by TyCobb

People still play EQII?

I thought the game was dead. Well good for them if there are still enough people playing to warrant continued development. /pizza for everyone!

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Ha ha ha.

Oh you guys.

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They named a mode after their own company, which made the game to begin with... what the hell?

Posted by Krenor

That frog totally has a rape face on.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

Am I the only one who's supremely weirded out by this? And not for the fact that Everquest II apparently still exist.

Posted by ConstantineL

I have no interest in ever playing EverQuest, but this looks pretty cool.

Posted by ariastama

If I still played Eq2 I would be so mad about this. Sure it's a neat feature, but let's add more beta testing for EQNext into the game and not fix any of the problems.

Posted by Dagbiker

It was cool when he was just moving his head and mouth up and down, but then he started talking and I started freeking out.

But compared to WOW which has none of this, then thats pretty cool i guess. Makes me want to check out Everquest, Kinda.

Posted by S0ndor

@heatDrive88 said:

@BlazeHedgehog said:

You can always tell what headlines Alex writes.

It doesn't mean they are inaccurate in this case though, haha.


Next he is going to try to show us the bottom of his character's boot.

Posted by kindpixel

I think it's neat, it's one of those little mechanics that flesh out the game even further than before. I think it has a long way to go before it isn't completely awkward, but I really am impressed with the decision to go down this obscure path.

I don't play EQ2, but I would love for this to be successful so we can see even better versions release.

PS: Not really understanding the negativity. If you don't want to use it, don't fucking use it. The pessimism on the internet is fucking disgusting.

Posted by Set

I don't know about you guys but I love Alex's headlines.

Posted by FoolishChaos

God, it must suck to be stuck working on EQ

But this is actually not a terrible idea

Posted by cmblasko

That is damn cool if it actually works properly. Having trouble coming up with other applications for this kind of technology in games though. Machinima guys are gonna go BONKERS for this though.

Posted by JackSukeru

Yeah but will the voice fonts allow my voice to be auto tuned?

Posted by digitaldemigod

That's really cool for the three people that still play that game.

Posted by BlindRapture

This is pretty dumb, I would never use it and I would never play EQ2 again (played the first month of release). HOWEVER, you have to commend them for doing something different and unique, who knows what this could lead to in the future.

Posted by geirr

Good to see there's still excited MMO developers out there.

Posted by Efesell

Seems pretty cool and I'd be interested to see it in a game that isn't Everquest II.

Posted by dezvous

It wouldn't look awful except for what looks like there being no gradation between a closed mouth and a fully open mouth.

Posted by cavemantom

This seems pretty weird/crazy, but its definitely smart.

For once, SOE seems to recognize the market their game has. Appealing to RPers is surely one of the smarter decisions they've made in managing EQ2.

Posted by thamster

looked pretty cool to me. what's with the hateful title of this article?

Posted by Suigyoken

Like the other Everquest video, could have used more dubstep.