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Posted by hermberger

Truly, we live in a golden age of video games. My friends, enjoy it while it lasts.

Posted by Lab392

@Stimpack said:

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I think you may be onto something here.

E3 Mystery: Solved

Posted by MikkaQ

Man I don't wanna insult a man for his life's work but "Director of Development, Everquest Franchise" is possibly one of the saddest sounding job titles I've seen in game development in 2012.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles


best thing about this video post.

Posted by qraham

I appreciate his enthusiasm though!

Posted by Luthorcrow

@Tahnit said:

who fucking cares about everquest 2...

Am I the only one that Everquest 2 has been taken out to a field a long time ago and put down. I mean come on, who is still riding this dead old horse?

Posted by CaptRocketblaze

I watched this vid knowing nothing about EQ2. A quick search revealed that it's now a Free-to-Play game, so now all this hot garbage makes sense.

Posted by XeliasSeraph

@Turambar: I like the way you think. I'd love to be able to play games like that

Posted by Bucketdeth

Funny how everyone in here are on the "WHO CARES ABOUT EVERQUEST" bandwagon. This video was fucking creepy, but Everquest 2 is a pretty damn great game (if your into mmo's) with a ton of depth.

This technology does look neat though, RPer's will love the shit out of it.

Posted by Acornactivist

I guess you can't blame them for adding features to their free to play game that I don't think will EVER end...

But seriously, the last thing I want to hear is someone's rage screams compressed and distorted beyond recognition.

Posted by Xymox

cool idea, but a bit wonky. And that was just the frog...

Posted by DerekDanahy

It looks really dumb but by god if that guy isn't fucking stoked.

Posted by Castiel

What did I just watch? Also are they for real for this is not just kinda dumb, it's really dumb. Also I shouldn't have watched that video slightly hangover.

Posted by The_Ruiner

c'mon if this was in a game that didn't look as crappy as EQ II, it might be a fun multiplayer thing...

Posted by jaks

Hi, I'm director of ruining SOE games, Dave Georgeson. Watch me pull down my pants and take a huge steaming dump on Planetside two days before launching it. Also, SOE pays me minimum wage so I haven't been fucking fired yet.

Posted by John1912

Dave Georgeson proud member of Hair Club for Men.

Posted by TwoLines


Ponytail guy is pretty damn stoked though.

Posted by MindChamber

Dan Hibiki plays everquest?

Posted by Spitznock

Oh my..

Posted by Peanut

This guy is fucking STOKED.

Posted by GrandMarshal


Posted by MachoFantastico

Dude is way to excited about this feature. 

Posted by coaxmetal

@GrandMarshal said:


Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I like to imagine that the frog-man is looking handicapped and making insanely exaggerated movements because he's mocking the dev.

Posted by bondbill

So what webcam will we require as the kinect isnt capable of doing accurate face recognition and my webam is an 8 year old logitech which I need to use generic drivers as its not win7 supported....I dont want a new webcam!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

@TrueEnglishGent said:

Dude is way to excited about this feature.

I wish more people were actually enthusiastic in videos. Boring bland monotone in every dev diary ever released starts to get old pretty quick...

Posted by LevelUpAdrian

That frog would make an awesome Patrick.

Posted by ALavaPenguin

Wow that game still exists?

Posted by Manatassi

hmm the faces thing is a cute little feature... could be interesting in a game I had interest in playing. well Novel anyway.

Posted by ExplodeMode

I wonder what percent of all R&D budgets goes into to stuff that no one wants.

Posted by The_Nubster

@DVombatus said:

@viiral said:

@DVombatus said:

This is kind of dumb...

Why.. RPrs will love this..

That's true. But you have to admit that the voice modulation sounded a little rough.

I don't know why he was so pumped about the voice stuff. I distinctly remember that being one of the worst things about early Xbox Live. It just makes everything sound so difficult to hear correctly.

Posted by tsang

Frogs don't look forward. I DON'T LIKE IT! TAKE IT BACK!

Posted by Marz

people still play everquest 2?

Posted by BigChickenDinner

@DerekDanahy said:

It looks really dumb but by god if that guy isn't fucking stoked.

Where my This. button go?

Posted by e_p

EverQuest II Facial Recognition Tech: involuntarily punching your monitor never felt so real before!

Posted by Tryptophan

While this tech looks cool, I find hearing other people's voices in an MMO creepy and distracting enough. I lost interest in WoW at 80, because of all the "vent required" crap my guild was doing. Some people's equipment makes them hard to understand already, not to mention annoying.

I think having to pay attention to polygonal faces for visual cues seems like it would also be terribly annoying. But I was never much of a role player. Just show me where to drop my deeps!

I don't understand the surprise that EQ, and EQ2 are still around and played. Go pick on UO;) Loved that game.

Plus, leave the guy with the awesome job you all know you want alone--no one looks good on a webcam.

Posted by fox01313

I guess if someone is still playing EQ2 beyond casual curiosity to see what the game is like, you'd have to be as excited as this guy is. Betting this doesn't make it to other SOE games but could go to the horrific Eye Pet game thingy.

Posted by PhilipDuck


Posted by tmek

That guy spoke and acted a lot like Wayne from "Wayne's World".. very odd.

"It's rockin new facial recognition! EXCELLENT!"

Posted by Grilledcheez

He seems like a nice guy

Posted by MrBlueJackle

@tmek: Oh god I can't unsee it. It's uncanny!

Posted by ThePhenomenal1

@Milkman: well considering that both games are free 2 play, theres probably alot of people playing it now. more than there were before at least.

Posted by Shrimpy

For some reason I can't stop watching this.

Posted by Floppypants

If I played EQ2, this could be fun to turn on and mess around with.  Listening to someone talk on Vent, while their character animates speech, that could be cool.
Step away from the computer = character instantly decapitated.

Posted by JustKamToo

Oh great so now frogmen and the other will get even more creepy. Taken it away Will.

Posted by georgeygeorge

I can't take this seriously. I mean i'd probably get a laugh out of using this way of playing, but, as for enhancing your role-playing experience?

Edited by Gamer_152

I actually thought this was kind of cool, that Gnome/Halfling voice is certainly the worst thing ever though.

Posted by Bread_Harrity

Ponytail detected!

Posted by TheWitchingHour

Wonder why people are so against this. The face tracking thing is great for Role Players and if it's real time I'd love to use it. The voice modulator definitely needs work though.

Posted by Jedted

Sounds cool but watching that frogmans mouth move when he talks looks really weird. It's like watching an anime character speak.