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Posted by MifuneZero

Nice ponytail duder

Posted by Nayson

Creepier than the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Posted by DoctorTran

David Jorgensen needs a new frickin' hair cut...

Posted by homewrecker

"kill it with fire"? alex, are you fourteen years old?

Posted by WVUEers

The guy in charge of Everquest would have a pony tail.

Posted by StarvingGamer


...the're just really understaffed and weren't able to get their April Fool's joke out in time, yeah?

Posted by jakkblades

I kind of like this guy actually. He must be singlehandedly keeping Everquest alive by refusing to vacate his office.

Posted by Paboned

Check. This. Out.

Posted by chrispti

@cheywoodward2 said:

I'm pretty sure the Everquest II dev team is now made up of this guy, his mail-order Ukrainian bride, and a Cambodian man who thinks this will earn him a green card.


Posted by unholyone123

This man is way too dapper! I don't trust him!

Posted by MagikGimp

Speaks while gesturing thereby putting hands in front of face fucking up facial recognition.

Posted by sthusby

I think this is all kinds of fun. But that's probably just because I'm not one of those gamers who are always negative.

Posted by Bunny_Fire

this is incredible i hope they add this to joy ride turbo

Posted by jbrady

i really wish this wasnt the last video of the week, im tired of seeing this guys stupid face everytime i come to videos

Posted by BBQBram

This seems awkward and dumb for even the most seasoned RPers...except for ponytail guy of course.

Posted by Milpool


Posted by BisonHero

I admire this guy's raw enthusiasm.

Posted by Crolk

hmm if it was blizzard ppl wouldn't be so negative

Posted by Sinan_617

This is actually not bad, as far as socializing in-game goes

Posted by On1inepersona

I think this is kinda neat. I mean everquest is RP heavy

Posted by rzaktoan

seems like it could be interesting, i play EQ1 used to play EQ2... Id have fun with the voice changer if nothing else

Posted by Sankis

That guy looks like he'd be the bad guy Sensei in a Karate Kid movie.

Posted by shishkebab09

@Crolk said:

hmm if it was blizzard ppl wouldn't be so negative

No way; people spit at Blizzard for everything they try to do different.

Posted by GenocidalKitten

This actually looks pretty neat I could definitely see some people loving it.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Shit, this proves the Myans were right.

Posted by KoolAid

What's so bad about this? Why can't EQ2 players have their fun?

Posted by squidracerX

@BisonHero said:

I admire this guy's raw enthusiasm.

"You wanna sound like a Halfling? BAM Now you can!!!!" See I think it seemed fake. He knows its a gimmick, an okay gimmick I guess? But he knows its cheesy. Unless it was 1980 how the hell can anyone possibly be that excited to be the guy introducing a voice changer into an MMO? It's been around for YEARS on head sets already, (ask my annoying ass friend as we played Left 4 Dead and he was just constantly playing with the pitch his headset). Im more excited by the horrid looking fan movies that will come out of this! I mean whatever they need to do to make the game stand out, its fun. no harm. but man, no one should be as pumped up as that guy was about mouths moving and pitch shift hahaha

Posted by JamesERutledge

Secret of Evermore Mote? I dont get it....

Posted by Zacagawea

Hey guys, ponytails are cool, right?

Posted by chainsofatlas

kind of dumb but actually quite cool too

Posted by Argus

This actually sounds like a lot of fun to me. Bet it becomes an industry standard with voice-chat avatars... although, that is the minority of players, right? Don't most players communicate by typing?

Posted by Quasar

What a shock. A company actually working on stuff to advance roleplaying in a roleplaying game. I'd probably prefer this added into Google Hangouts though.

Posted by Vagner36


Posted by FreedomTown

Embarrassing title and worse subtitle for this post Alex, I would have expected something better from GB.

Posted by gaminginpublic

This makes me glad I stopped playing Everquest 10 years ago; the one that was good. Words can't describe how stupid this new feature is, or the guy presenting it.

Posted by impartialgecko

300-odd comments. Ergo marketing decision success. It may be ridiculous but suddenly we're thinking about Everquest

Posted by mrsmiley

Am I the only person who thinks this is an awesome/hilarious idea? Maybe not the voice changing so much (they did this for Xbox Live originally and it was TERRIBLE), but the idea of being able to actually be express emotion with your character via your own face is awesome. Perhaps he shouldn't have used a frog as the example in the video, because it really does look freaky haha.

Posted by AssInAss

If this is a replacement for lip syncing, I'm all for it.

This opens a lot of funny opportunities.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

Wow. This is so lame. People still play this game?

Posted by rts375

People actually play EQ2? I'm not hating, just surprised.

Posted by Red

Would so not be surprised he has a closet full of corpses that he then moves around to "roleplay".

Posted by tescovee

I wonder if that dude from SOE is Mike Myers brother, fucking looks like him.

Posted by ExplodeMode

@rts375 said:

People actually play EQ2? I'm not hating, just surprised.

It's Free to play now, so probably a lot of people play a little bit of it.

Posted by Mumrik

I love that it still totally break apart as soon as he starts to talk and the frog looks freaky because it can't quite follow his mouth and doesn't move a tongue. I'm not going to hate on the idea, but did they really think that last part looked good?

Posted by Mercanis

"Less appealing", video poster? I disagree! This looks like goofy fun.