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Posted by DrRandle

The Quick Change Princess and the Mage! Also, a Robot!

Here's something to listen to while you read this.


In general, I think Zelda and Sheik are fine. It's a unique character template to switch between the two, although I've seen some people that are interested in the idea of making them two separate characters. My trap card springs, and I reveal that they should be one character! A design that is mostly Sheik, but without the mask, clearly showing Zelda. Replace Sheik's specials, which are fairly worthless, with Zelda's, while retaining the kung-fu quickness and combat. Give it a bit of magic 'zing, but overall make it about quick moves, but relatively low impact. Light arrow Final Smash, and a costume swap that looks like Tetra but all grow'd up.

I think I may have finally lost my damn mind.


I'm not going to lie to you, readers. I'm pretty much scraping up an assist trophy here just to fill in some space. I admit that I really love Kamek, and always have. He's the perfect blend of loyal lackey and menacing villain. Plus, it'd be cool to have another strictly caster type character. His Final Smash could be him dropping his Embiggen Powder to make Naval Piranha spout up and do some damage before drying up. I won't lie though, he should just burst out of an assist trophy and make the person that summons him big or toss around some magic bolts at people.

Atop the Metal Gear Rex

Fans of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes may remember the awesome fisticuffs fight scene between Liquid and Solid snake atop the back of the Rex. Throw in some suspended catwalks for platforms and you've got yourself a... *ahem* solid stage. I'd go into the music for this stage, but honestly, Metal Gear music has always been very "take it or leave it" with me, and the music they used in the last Smash was perfect. So I invite you to present a list of songs you think would be great for a level like this, and prove to me how wrong I am.

-Make it a nice day.

Posted by JackSukeru

Despite it being a song from Portable Ops, as it was part of the iPod selection in MGS 4 I associate it with that game instead. I'm talking of course of the song Calling to the Night which, along with Snake Eater, definetly should be a part of this game. It's been so long since I played Brawl though, can't remember if either of them were in that game.

Also, call out to The Best is Yet to Come that just would never work as battle music, but is still pretty awesome.

I used to play Zelda a little bit at the start of Melee but since my friend started using Sheik, and only Sheik, to wipe the floor with me from one side of the screen to the next I've seen little of her, not really having an interest in using "his character" and him not having much interest in the Zelda part of the combo.

I'm not opposed to making them one unique, ninja princess but am more for the idea of splitting them up. Zelda in Skyward Sword doesn't really do much of anything compared to the OoT one the Smash character is based upon, though so I'm starting to be really curious how they will handle those two.