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Posted by Alex
I will play all of the Sound Shapes. All of them.

Though Sony's E3 press conference will close out today's early E3 festivities, we're already getting a bit of Sony news prior to this morning's Microsoft event. As of this AM, we have learned via the PlayStation Blog that Sound Shapes, Everyday Shooter creator Queasy Games' rhythm-based platformer, will be arriving on the Vita this August 7 for $14.99.

However, that's not all. It turns out that the once Vita-exclusive title is now headed to the PlayStation 3 as well. The PS3 version comes day-and-date with the Vita version, and, in fact, both versions come as one package. If you download the Vita version, you'll have free access to the PS3 version, and vice versa. User-generated content will even transfer between the two versions.

We've made no secret about Sound Shapes being tops among our most-anticipated Vita games, so this news is a more-than-welcome way to kick off the deluge of E3 announcements. We'll be sure to check out both versions of Sound Shapes on the E3 show floor,

Posted by dekkadekkadekka

So about those Vita exclusives....

Posted by Seb

Vita exclusives :(

Posted by Jolt92

Great, just what the Vita needs!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

As someone who doesn't give a fuck about the Vita and thought Sound Shapes looked promising, I think this is fan-tas-tic news!

Posted by Morningstar

Bring on some real games!

Edited by Ehker

Vita lost an exclusive... to the PS3. Oh noes!

Getting both versions is a good thing. Also adds Vita incentive to those who buy it on their PS3 as they'll have more Vita software waiting for them.

Posted by big_jon


Posted by Korolev

Great. Now I have two games I'm looking forward to buying for my Vita.

Posted by nick_verissimo

Why is there so much disdain for this announcement? Its not as though this Is being put out for XBLA...yet?!

Posted by RichieJohn

That's great news. This looks good but not good enough to buy a vita.

There was no other reason to buy a vita other that ports at this point.

Posted by brownsfantb

Noone's buying the Vita? Shit, port this game to the PS3!

Posted by jkuc316

:( I'd totally buy a Vita if I didn't keep wasting all my money on so much games/Arcade sticks

Posted by Tidel

I don't know if Sony can afford to, but they really should drop the price on Vita to get it into more people's hands. It's a fantastic device.

I wonder if this announcement is a sign of things to come for Vita at the show -- forgoing device exclusivity for compatibility.

Posted by Wandrecanada

The power of Sony products continues to be realized with 2D untextured polygons...

Posted by cclemon36

@Ehker said:

Getting both versions is a good thing. Also adds Vita incentive to those who buy it on their PS3 as they'll have more Vita software waiting for them.

My thoughts exactly. A title like Sound Shapes might not be what drives people to spend their money on a new console, but as the amount of games like these starts to cumulate and as a PS3 owner you find yourself owning a bunch of these Vita games, the "switch over" might become a viable option.

Posted by smallmanoncampus

That's my birthday!

Posted by nickux

$15 for both versions is such a good deal, I can't wait to play this on my Vita and PS3.

Posted by Ravenlight

When does it come out on Steam?

Posted by Zvarri


Posted by MeatSim

Queasy Games why am I so queasy today?