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Posted by Glottery

Looks pretty and...yeah. Nothing surprising otherwise. I did have decent amount of fun with playing Crysis 2, though, so migh buy this as well, once the price goes really low.

Posted by masterfaculty

Wow, nice John-Romero-ass out of place misogynist hype quote there. I don't get the hype on Crysis. Played all the way through 2 and there were, what, five different enemies and a totally incomprehensible storyline? Pass.

Posted by SpicyRichter

EA Loves Bows!

Posted by MeatSim

That guy blew all his money on the suit so the only weapon he could afford was a bow.

Posted by AlisterCat

Again, another EA trailer that feels like it was made for the Youtube annotation feature.

Can't wait for more Crysis. I think it is one of the best shooter series out there.

Posted by Eeptog

crysis isnt too bad of a series but the only thing i ever really loved was the zero G in the first one.

Posted by Robopengy

I think the bow is what won me over. Also loving all these Youtube links at the end of each video.

Posted by Sumbog

Every time I see something about Crysis I want to go back and play the originals multiplayer, I had a good time with it

Posted by DutchLaw


Posted by Supah_Ted

Yesssssssss So psycho did not die. Hopefully that means we get to play as nomad again.

Posted by Theworldbreaker

So has anyone noticed DX11 level graphics? I know Crytek only said it could happen if it doesn't bring down performance but just wondering, i haven't seen much of Crysis 2 with DX11 to really tell.

Posted by Grimmrobe


Posted by Psychohead

You gon' diiiiie!